Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Each year I send out a Christmas letter to my family and friends. I select pictures from the year that I think capture the year. These were my selections for this year. Since, as my readers, you are my friends I will share them with you...even though you may have seen them all before!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another Farewell!

It has taken me a few weeks to even begin writing this blog entry. I lost another friend this year and I haven't quite accepted the reality yet. Somehow, it seems, not writing the words or posting the memorial makes it less real in some way. However, Scott deserves a farewell and thus I will do my best.
I attend Weight Watchers weekly, sometimes I am very successful and my meetings are celebratory, other times I fail the program and I go so that the scale and my friends will remind me that going UP is not the goal. Last January a "new guy" plopped down at our table. We are a large meeting and many of us sit in smaller 'groups' and our group has been together for what seems a long time. We have people come sit with us and as we did with Scott we welcome them, chat with them and try to behave ourselves through the meeting without talking amongst ourselves. Many times, new members will migrate to a less 'set' group, a group of other newbies, a group that doesn't have such a hard time behaving, but Scott was instant part of our group. He made it even harder for me not to crack jokes, because he laughed easily and seemed to just fit in with us.
Somewhere along the way he became "one of us" and for me when I knew I could call him FRIEND (a word I value highly) was when I posted on Facebook about a previous loss and he instantly sent me a message that I could call him if I needed to talk. I did call and I told him I couldn't stop crying and he assured me it was okay and he listened as I blubbered and talked nonsense, somehow absorbing my pain despite our being relative strangers. He was an empathetic sort with a great heart.
We would chat at meetings about family and life and we shared different but similiar stories about children and their doctors appointments, faith and more. During his time at Weight Watchers he lost about 50lbs (if I remember correctly) and began joining us for our monthly dinner celebrations when he could. The few times I had to bring Duncan to meetings he was super-kind to Duncan allowing him to hang on for big hugs that Duncan likes. When he would talk about his daughters he was very proud and was always telling me how his oldest was and animal lover like myself. In August he had to leave Weight Watchers for a time and we made a point to invite him to our September dinner (it was my birthday and I wanted all my buddies there).
I have regrets now, hindsight is like that, that I didn't make more time. I didn't 'bother' him for the October dinner, because there was always the November one, right? I didn't think to invite his family for dinner because I could do it after I finished painting the hutch, right? I never dreamed I would meet his daughters and wife at his memorial. No matter how many times I am reminded that life is short and we should take the time WHILE we have the time...I can find failings. However, I am glad he chose to sit with us. I am glad he was so easily amused as to have found my jokes worthy of laughter. I am even glad the last message I sent to him on facebook was "come and visit you snob" or something similiar, because I meant it, I just wish he had.
I think there is never enough time to not wish for "one more". One more laugh, one more meal, one more 'attaboy'...however, I hope this December and beyond we will all enjoy the ones we have with the ones that are left....

Farewell, Scott Reed, you are missed!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Don't be the Martyr

Okay, so this is as much a reminder to me as anyone else. I am a "Flybaby".

Thus, I remind myself often just how much of our stress is 'self-made'. The "Oh no I have to make a TURKEY" thing. The Holidays tend to be when we throw ourselves right onto our martyr let's pinky swear we will stop each other when this is the road we start down!

So, ladies (and gents), let's consider ourselves blessed to have loved ones to feed, purchase for and take care of. Let's enjoy making dinner and stop making sure it's "perfect" while we snipe and complain to anyone within earshot. The best turkey tastes "foul" when served with guilt as a side-dish.

Let's light up our Holidays with our good attitudes and Thankfulness.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's about time..painting the hutch

Well, this gal has been with me for over two years. I finally got her up on the table and started her paint job. I have one coat of primer on most and two coats on the lower and upper parts so that I can stand her up and do the rest. I figure a few more days and I can get her back together and put stuff on the shelves and have her pretty for the holidays. It's about dang time! Amazing what I can procrastinate!
Update: It's Wednesday and I managed to get a few coats of regular paint on the 'hard to reach' areas so that I could stand her up and work some more. Here is her current condition

The top shelves will be open and thus I will be priming and painting them as well, but I can do that with her off my dining room table! I am excited I can get this done and ready for Thanksgiving, even if I am not having people over!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reglazed a window

At some point one of the windows in my old casements got broken. I had to fix it. I took some pictures in case you ever want to try it at home.
Aside from measuring the opening and buying the glass the following are the steps:

Step one: remove the old glazing, broken glass and glazing points. (this is not fun, easy or necessarily without potential for injury) Step two: Put new glass in. This involves Glazing points (aka Push points) and
a putty knife or othe such flat tool. My window was 10x12 and I used four on the long sides and three on the top and bottom....It was a random decision, it seemed like "enough". :D

Then I used Latex Glazing, that required using a caulking gun. In retrospect I wish I had searched for the hand kneaded kind, I think I could have gotten a prettier finish, but with practice this would probably have been a finer job.

Now it needs painted and some tidying up. It's an older window and the new glazing points with 'tips' (which are easier) to use are sort of visible under the glazing compound from inside, which isn't ideal, but I learned how to do it and when the time comes to do another window, and in my old house it will, I will be better and no less proud of doing it myself.

Monday, November 1, 2010

New Year's Resolution-Check

I had one resolution this year: To show my horse. It seems like an easy one, but with her hoof problems, my business, my child and family duties and the fact that I hadn't shown since 4H days it was more than just setting a date and going.
I made myself commit to doing a few clinics with my trainer, Mary and riding a certain amount each week before a show. All of it added up to alot of work. I had moments when I didn't think it would happen. Losing my farrier over the summer, a blown engine in my husband's car and other such incidents conspired to make it a difficulty, but I prevailed.Chai and I prepping at home

Phase one of a Combined Test-Dressage

Phase 2- Stadium Jumping

Chai was a superstar and we scored lower middle of the pack in MY first ever dressage test. Next year I know what to do different to get a better score. She went completely clear in stadium and after a summer of basically being off she just soared. I love that mare!

Overall, we are proud girls and ready to do it again next year.

So, have to get a new resolution, I guess.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New foster horse-OTTB

We have a new foster horse. For those that don't know, I foster for an awesome organization in Indiana. FFI takes retired race horses and retrains them for second careers.

The acronym OTTB stands for Off Track Thoroughbred. Those of us that ride, love and own OTTBs think it's a great thing to give our horses second careers and homes.

This Sunday our new foster arrived.

his name is Woodman's Star, his barn name is Woody and he is awesome. He stood like a champ for the farrier yesterday, has ridden like a dream for me that last few days and is going trail riding Friday.

For those of you who are horse people and have watched any of the World Equestrian Games this year in Lexington, there were several OTTBs in the eventing section. Upper level horses who may or may not have been great at racing but are awesome at their second careers.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm still here!

enjoying the end of summer

Summer pretty much came and went, Duncan turned 12 and went back to school. I had my 36th Birthday this week and lots of 'blogworthy' stuff happened, but I just got out of the habit and haven't been here. I post today in hopes that it will be a restart for it. I went on my birthday and bought some dollar store vinyl signs for my house and put them up yesterday...I will take pics and share.
I am hoping to show my horse in a few weeks at the Octoberfest charity show.

Monday, July 19, 2010

A not so great gift

Since the little bear turns 12 this week, I have been planning to take him to the zoo with friends and then his b'day party at his fave restaurant with family and friends. That is all a good birthday plan...also his ceremonial b'day pancakes, of course!
However, he has decided to test my resolve this week. I was on my way home from a long day at work Saturday and DH calls to say "Duncan cut his foot, bring home some bandage stuff". I stop at the little local store and pay dearly for some gauze and tape. I pop in the door at the house and into the bathroom where they are sequestered and lo and behold Duncan has a moon shaped lacerating that is almost 4cm. So I say Well we can cover it up with this, but we are going to the ER.
So we spent three or four hours at the ER, luckily had a very nice doc, a nurse that was okay with my neurosis about nosocomial infection and cleansing of the wound and Duncan was as good as could be expected.
I resisted the urge to laugh at the doctor when he said take the bandage off and let it get air after two days. While I agree with the method, I don't see Duncan leaving those sutures alone or keeping it clean so I will have to make a covering that gets some air while protecting sutures from his little hands and from dirt.
So...let's hope he is well enough to go to the zoo and party for his birthday!

Sorry no gorey injury picture!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Three heads are better than one?

Okay so my arms weren't long enough to get a good picture...but the fact that Duncan was giggling when I took this makes me smile. I think this might have been Easter Sunday.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Heck of a morning.

I got up this morning determined that Duncan's fever, my overtired self, my farrier search and more that I will have a good day. I leave thirty minutes early to take a friend to work and my car stalls. I have to go back to the house (3 miles took 20 minutes) get my gas guzzling truck and head back out, while fever-riddled boy cried.
I am still determined this will be a good day. I will it to be so...then I find I might have to take my new foster horse before the horse I am babysitting leaves and thus have FIVE where four works better.

It is STILL gonna be a better day?

Monday, July 12, 2010

A great man

Well, it has been ages since I last posted. With Duncan off from school for the summer I have been busy with the business, him, the horses and life. I have still made a point to be Thankful on Thrusday, but haven't managed to post about it here. I am sorry I have been missing.

I am more sorry today that I am posting for this reason.

Saturday morning I was informed that Friday July 9th, my farrier (horseshoer) passed away. To many, this would seem like an unlikely reason to be overly sad, but he was a fantastic man. His name was Wayland Arney and he was also my friend.
I will share my memories of him here:
Wayland was so respectful of clients that most are shocked when I tell them he smoked, because he didn't in front of them. He loved my son, not in spite of his disability, but as if there was none. He told me a mere 10 days before he died "Life is short, do what you want". He smiled often, and the smile lines around his eyes, said it wasn't a new thing. He couldn't say enough good things about his daughters and family. He was loyal to those he loved, to the point of being willing to fight for them. He helped me to get a truck and trailer and in a way, made it so that now that he is gone I can find a new farrier even if I have to haul to them. He was loyal to a fault, even when my horse was a difficult case, there was drama or whatever, he came when he was needed. I believe that there are just people with whom we click, and because of who Wayland was, he was that person to alot of people. He didn't talk constantly and wasn't verbose, but when he spoke he was truthful and what he said mattered, well unless it was a joke and he was harrassing you!
I will find someone to shoe my horse, I hope they will do a good job, but my horse will never be as good without him and I will never forget him. Like all the too short relationships in our lives, he changed me forever. In his case for the good!

Goodbye were truly awesome!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thankful Thursday

As usual, it is late when I am posting my TT post. I was out living my Thursday so that i could be thankful. Today was the last day of school for my little bear. So I went today and managed to shop most of the day without buying a thing. How weird is that? I had a very low key day and that is the thing for which I am grateful. Low key will not be an option this summer. Duncan never stops going. He keeps me on the balls of my feet at all times. I am trying to remember how hard we worked to teach him to take those first steps when he runs across the field, trying to remember the speech therapists we cycled through to find one who believed we could teach him to speak, when he won't stop talking and remember where we came from to appreciate the where we are now. I am Thankful I never listened to the cynics, no matter what their title and I am Thankful there is school some of the year so I can rest up for the summer.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Woo I was almost done with the day before I realized it was Thursday.

It has been a tumultuous week filled with dying vehicles, human drama, computer cord death and miscellanious annoyances, as well as some hope-inducing moments and fresh doses of laughter.
A few nights ago as I complained about having no decent internet at home. I caught myself saying-
"I never regret living where the stars are bright"....but I would like stars AND internet! So...the STARS...I am thankful for them. My farm happens to have this section of open sky that is like my personal window to heaven. It is the time of year I lay on the sunporch and look at the sky, lay by the fire and look at the God for stars and Thank God I live someplace I can see those stars. Let tonight be a starry one so that I may be thankful more!

By the way...I think the cottage may have just gotten it's motto. "May we never regret living where the stars are bright". I have been toying with Bright Star Farm anyway....hmmm?

Friday, May 14, 2010

once in awhile

I become the creative person I feel I was actually meant to be. I always wanted to draw when I was a kid, become a writer and be passionate. Between teachers who taped my hands to pencils so I would hold them 'right'. Adults who told me to put my tongue back in my mouth when I drew or colored, people who said mickey mouse isn't purple and college professors who said "be concise" my inner artist died a little. She atrophied from lack of use, she became jaded from life experience.
Once in a great while....the perfect mixture of weather, barometric pressure, moon alignment and my emotional balance I find a moment where I remember my inner-artist...she writes a poem, she draws a little....yesterday she was here....I hope she'll visit more often.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thankful Thursday

We are having April weather for May, but I will take it. At the shop purple Iris bloom and at home yellow. School is almost out and I am grateful we have made it through another school year, if not a little worried about how I will get ANY down time this summer, but I am thankful that another summer is sneaking up. I got to feed horses a few nights ago with lightning bugs darting about. I contemplated the need to borrow some little girls so I have an excuse to chase them with jars...or maybe I will do it without borrowing someone's daughters! :D
Today I am thankful that I have a job/career/schedule that allows me to juggle. Duncan's school is taking him on a little lunch field trip and I like to go because he does better and a good experience builds on for the next such experience.
I am also thankful this week that Duncan was such a trooper for his 11YO shots. He got three, didn't cry and didn't melt down...he earned himself a shake from Rally' got one too, because she had to drive in construction traffic, deal with stupid forms at the doctors office and didn't cry either! :D
What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dumpster diving

It was a finial sticking out of a pile that drew me in...I thought it was a headboard, it wasn't...I have that item to, I will show you later. Then I found this. It is the sheet music holder from a piano. I thought I would pull off the applique for my mantel, but I kind of like it as a picture holder. I am trying to decide what color or if to paint it...but for now...I like it. Whaddya think?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thankful Thursday

My dear friend Helen is taking my young horse, Jake on an adventure. This adventure includes a few months with a very top notch trainer and a hopeful NEW home for Jake. I am thankful that I have an 18 YO friend who herself will be a famous person soon enough...and that Jake will have this opportunity to go become a big time show horse, with someone shorter than me!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for much. Yesterday would have been my mothers 58th birthday. She has been gone nearly 20 years from my life and yesterday I was halfway through the morning before I remembered what day it was. I am grateful that no matter how greivious a wound it heals and in a way that makes memories grand and not painful. I do so wish I had known her as an adult but I don't burst into tears or lose my composure on these days anymore and for that I am grateful.
Today I intend to go for a big ride in the woods with some friends. Green leaves, chirping birds and more await I can't help but be grateful. Maybe I will have some great story to tell when I return or maybe I shall keep it for myself! Either way, I hope your day goes well.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the most horrible excuse

for not blogging. My camera got chucked in my grooming kit when I went riding the other day and hasn't moved from there. Today I saw a deer, a fox and two blue herons and where was my camera?
I have also found a couple of good dumpster treasures and haven't photo'd them either. So....tonight I will grab my camera from the barn and put it back in my car where it belongs and then you might not miss me so much!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A hard one to call

Sometimes, it's just pretty ard to be thankful. I hate to admit it, but today I am feeling like this one is hard. Our son, Duncan, who has special needs has begun getting suspended from school for behavior. Now, let me say he goes to a SCHOOL for kids with behavioral issues, so the idea of suspending him, throws me off a bit. Also learning that getting OUT of school for being bad isn't necessarily good!

However, I am trying not to think about the idea that they are going to kick him out, they are going to cause me to lose my business and makes it hard to keep hope alive when you keep falling over trip lines.

So I guess today I am thankful for my ability to stand back up when knocked down, although I would like to stop falling.
I am thankful for my friends, you know who you are, the ones i can call angry or sad or whatever about this and you always head my call! You guys rock!
I am also focusing on being thankful for THESE moments! THat face, his snuggles, his smiles....I work to keep those alive and keep the school from forcing us to drug him away.

So with all the hardship...>DUNCAN....that's what I'm thankful for!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The dogwoods are blooming!

There isn't a better sight for my eyes than this:

The dogwood tree was my mother's favorite. I love it for that and it's own beauty. Each year as they bloom I miss her a bit, but feel she is here in spirit.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Okay, today is a tough one!

Since it is tax day I owe a fair amount of money. So, in general, am feeling grumpy. However!
I am thankful that I have a job on which I earned money for them to tax..... HOw is that?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Sprang Sprung

Well, we got warm and more quickly than usual. We have Trilium blooming in the woods, Trout Lilies, may apples and now the Lilacs and the Crab Apples are at it.
Today I took a moment to take a few inside.

Now back to my regularly scheduled TAX preparing!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Just arrived back from a quick overnight trip to Louisville, KY. Went for a birthday party with my dear friend, Billy! Travelling, seeing the world turning green right in front of our eyes, laughing together and sharing some away from work time. Those are all things worth being Thankful for!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You forgot?

So this morning...Duncan and I ran to get a drink before the bus arrived. It took us a hair longer than expected so we were jumping out of the car just as the bus rolled up. I ran him to the bus and popped him in his seat, greeted the driver and started to run off. Duncan's classmate and friend Sadie, yells! "You forgot to kiss him" I turned and blew Duncan a kiss and hopped off the bus.

I had a moment where I felt kind of bad...then I realized. If NOT kissing him today was noteworthy I must kiss him EVERY single day without even thinking about it. I put him on the bus and kiss my boy, routine and RIGHT. I know we have had rough mornings where I didn't feel good, he didn't feel good or both...but ...I kiss that little face. I realize with all his delays and doctors and special schools all the hard work there is that....those hundred kisses each day. So without even being thankful Thursday I thank God for that!

Monday, April 5, 2010

You know your a horse person...

WHEN....all this talk of Spring cleaning makes me want to clean stalls, not my house!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I thought about being sarcastic, since it is April Fool's Day, but a rule is a rule, yes? It is Thankful how to tie it in?

I am Thankful for living in a world where we have a DAY devoted to HUMOR! A day devoted to 'punking' people!

I am mostly Thankful for the feeling that Spring is actually here and here to stay.
Go out today and enjoy your day of Fools!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A big weekend

Even with a nagging back injury I had a banner weekend. My friend Billy came to visit. I qualified my horse to do Search and Rescue. I used my horse trailer on it's maiden voyage! All in all it was very good.
This is Spring Break week with Duncan so my blog-time may be limited.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

You see that older model Explorer behind the found windows? Today in spite of itself I am thankful for it. I have managed to have two flats (Same tire) and a starter go on it. I am tempted to be angry at said car...BUT...she has 250K miles on her. She drags us through snow and rain and all sorts of silliness..and generally has been a good car for us.
I have pulled my back, learned that some people don't come when you call for help and learned that even new tires find nails and corode away their valve stems. However, in all this I had my Dad come to my rescue, a friend from church stop to see if we were okay, my good and true friends calling to check on my back and my hubby picking up teh slack at home.
The silver lining is there, when I look.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Such a bad blogger...

I have been so busy with horses, horse trailers, trucks, BMV stuff that I have foresaken my blog-pals. I give you a Daffodil to say "I am sorry" I will carry my camera about today...and get some new pictures so that I can get pics of things about which to blog!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday

It's Wednesday night and my Thankful Thursday is I won't be here to blog for it tomorrow. My friend Martha and I are taking our ponies to some trails, splashing through creeks, raising our faces to the Spring sun and seizing the day.
So it is SPRING, Friends, Horses, trails and just general WOO HOO!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The best compliments!

I apologize for being a slacker in the way of posting to the blog. With purchasing the truck and trailer, riding my horse, getting farrier work done and the like I have been a crazy-busy gal.

I have had TWO very wonderful compliments by visitors to my home. My neighbor's young(18YO) daughter said "I love your house, it feels so welcoming" and yetserday my farrier said "You have a very nice house".

Having taken our house from "Not ours and okay" to notable makes me happy. I can see all the thigns that need work, the trim needing replaced, those hollow core doors...but it is HOME...and the fact that outsiders notice immediately that it is 'home'...makes me happy. After all, isn't that was Cottage Style is....? It isn't a paint color or a is a FEELING! I have acheived it and I am proud!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This blog post was a no-brainer. This week my dear Farrier (guy who trims horse hooves) worked me an awesome deal with some other clients and I got:
and a horse later.

It means no more "asking friends" to go on to a lesson or clinic. YAY!
So I am thankful for my wonderful farrier (see friends post last week :D) and for patience paying off with a good deal. I am blessed!~

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Chalkboard Wagon!

I was SO jealous of everyone's little chalkboards I made one. I showed you guys! LOL

So I bought this:

Did this:

and ta da....
and if that isn't happy enough I found THESE beside my shop today!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Thursday already?

It is easier to be grateful on a SUNNY Thursday!

Today I am thankful for my dear friends. The other day my dear friend Daryl called to tell me she thought I rocked...or something like that. Then I asked her if she was dying or something. After she explained she was reading a book that said if you have friends that you trust, can tell your life to, laugh with, cry with and trust you need to tell them.

I guess the deal is if you have ONE of these friends you are doing well....I seem to be pretty blessed I have a couple of them.

So today, I am Thankful for all my friends, be they "A list" friends, acquaintances, family and even my bloggy-pals. They make my life better...even their quirks make my life more fun.

Love you guys!

Look even chickens know things are more fun together! :D

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Warmer and peeking plants

This is last years picture, but I am seeing this again. This sign that it might be SOON. Winter may actually be taking a hint.
Bring on the fence mending and workshop finishing chores.

Monday, March 1, 2010

DH Birthday

This weekend was Jay's Birthday!
Well, technically he is a LEAP BABY so he doesn't get one this year, but I let him 'party' anyway. Duncan and I left the house early, letting Jay sleep in about two hours. Now THAT is a gift. Then we brought home donuts for him. For lunch we went to our fave Mexican restaurant and Jay enjoyed and Duncan thought it was HIS party! :D

We got someone to hang out at our house while Duncan slept and went to see WOLFMAN, the movie and ate popcorn. Overall it was a carb-heavy, restful day for Jay...I hope he liked it.

Happy Birthday Honey!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

While I a obviously Thankful for the little guy perched upon said mare, today's grateful is for
my horse. She turns 18 this year. She has problem hooves, she is a red-head and she isn't a 'snuggler'. Those are things I would NOT change for the world....b/c look at her. She and I had ridden five miles and I come home and she happily excepts pony ride time for Duncan. She is a very sensitive girl. If you were to womp her in the sides she would likely gallop off, but for Duncan....she lets him do it all day and ONLY breaks into a trot when I say so. Even if he is yelling 'trot trot' at the top of his lungs, as he is likely to do often. :D

She is a great mare and I am blessed to have her.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Working on the workshop

As I mentioned Monday I went home to work in the old Barn. It was very cold and I have decided that a summer chore will be to frame off a portion to be 'heatable'. Sadly the old windows of the barn are/were dead when we moved, so I have to reframe boxes and windows....wanting to find OLD windows to do it.

Anyway, on to the PROGRESS....

I literally walked into the shop...snapped this picture and tried to not be too ashamed. :D I the got to work, sweeping and picking up. Here is one of those 'dead' windows...note...the cardboard held in by scrap wood...what workmanship I have! :D I took this picture, because tonight I have getting four new table tops from a guy who does table advertising. I will be building my potting bench here and intend to have the sun shining on me when I do....picture it....

Notice floor is now swept and ready for said table... is the closest I have to 'after'. After is going to require money I don't have in my 'blow money' envelope....and it will wait. I do have things sorted and off the worktable. Notice...piles of like items. When I go to dollar tree today (with said blow money envelope) I will get a small container for 'electrical stuff', plumbing stuff, miscellaneous screws, miscellanious nails etc... Then they can go under my worktable. Notice all my power tools are put away...except the Circular saw, as I was using it to build....

little shelves and hanging rail for my painting supplies. Wow, I have alot of painting supplies!That coffee can farely gasped at the thought.

A few things I love about my workshop:

  1. It is mine!

  2. That SUNOCO blue workbench was made with the time-worn hands of my Grandfather over 30 years ago...and he happened to WORK for Sunoco! He also WIRED it...which means it is plugged in and has a plug in for my tools...GO PAPA! :D

  3. My windows overlook my horse pasture

  4. The barn is OLD

  5. and behind that old blue workbench, I have my free trelis pieces that are pretty..and a great place to hang my hammers etc... Sadly I didn't get the hammer in the picture.

  6. I am making it mine with my own sweat and blood.

It is a workshop in progress, to be sure, but I made a dent...and feel more like getting out there and working...if only it would get WARM!

Oh for my makeover here! :D I forgot I wast joining a linky!

Monday, February 22, 2010

A biggish job

The old barn at our farm is where we have 'dumped' things as we moved. It is where I dream of having my workshop space and have succeeded to a degree. I got things in and mostly put away when we first moved. Some stuff was still at my shop. Then Dad brought me the workbench my Grandfather made and I moved more stuff. Then my Grandmother cleaned out her shed and more stuff came in. Then I got the rest of the stuff from the shop/old house storage...and now it s a cluttered mess.

The following collage is of the barn when we got it. I haven't taken many pics since we moved, it isn't exactly a 'pretty' place to look upon. So you get the looks like this only the previous owner had more junk..and more cool tools/storage than I do. I promise to take a before when I get there today.
I am off to kick it into submission...wish me luck!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Well, Thursday is back and I am finding things to be thankful for! How about you! Today's imperfect thing for which I am thankful.
My arms....well my whole working body...but let's focus on arms. Every day we see ads saying "want firmer tighter arms" Well heck yes I do...but I don't have them...and I may or may not EVER have them. What I do have are arms with which to hug my boy, pet my dog, clean my stalls, ride my horse and even type this blog.
Last night while I was mucking wet hay out of my horses stalls and my biceps burned and I felt like whining I decided then and there to be thankful I had those injured muscle fibers!
So today my imperfectly functional and yes, even STRONG arms....shall hug that boy...groom a few dogs...steer my car and maybe even get some rest....
What are you thankful is THURSDAY!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am serious this time....

Dear winter,

Last week I asked, no TOLD you it was over between us. You seem to have ignored the discussion. Not only did you brought more of your 'things' to my house. We have officially had enough snow. Our COUNTY has even broken up with you...running out of salt to get rid of your mess. I hate to insist, but you need to leave. You are messing up my plans!



Now that I have had my winter rant...I have to consider tomorrow's Thankful Thursday....and what shall we post...and you?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Home found for Valentine table!

Well, I didn't get her painted or anything, but I found a lamp (also Goodwill), and a chair I found (GW!) a few weeks ago....and put them in place.
Then I added a picture (GW!) and an extra frame (FREE at yardsale) complete the set.

I have found something weird. I feel very PROUD to say "I got a deal on this...EVERYTHING in this room was thrifted, hand made, handed down etc...." and I say it with PRIDE, yet people always say "well that is okay" Like I told them I have foot rot and they are consoling me. Harumph! So I come to blogland, because I know you too LOVE deals!

Sorry I didn't get a picture of it "all together" when I get the lamp shade I want...and paint the table I will try to remember. paint the inner frame...or not? Hmmmmm

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