Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dear John letter to Winter

Dearest Winter,

I have enjoyed your beautiful display of snow covered trees. I have even enjoyed a sleddig moment or two. However, I need to see other seasons! I can't abide the snow blobs on my floor anymore. I need to see green things pop up from the ground. I need to take the blankets off my horse. It's ME, not you. You are a great season, I just don't love you anymore! Please visit again next year, but I think we should call this off.


Cheryl in reality it isn't that horrible. We have had a few days of missed school, lots of shovelling and whatnot, but I am ready for different. I wonder each year why my family settled in Indiana. I think the answer is reasonable Cost of Living and a decent job market. 10 months a year I love it here. Late January through early March I start to think of this as a 'trap'.

I did enjoy a horse ride for a few hours on Sunday where the winter had done a nice job of dressing the world in a hushed white. However, it doesn't change anything...I need to break up with Winter and start anew with Spring.

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