Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Don't be the Martyr

Okay, so this is as much a reminder to me as anyone else. I am a "Flybaby". http://www.flylady.net/

Thus, I remind myself often just how much of our stress is 'self-made'. The "Oh no I have to make a TURKEY" thing. The Holidays tend to be when we throw ourselves right onto our martyr swords...so let's pinky swear we will stop each other when this is the road we start down!

So, ladies (and gents), let's consider ourselves blessed to have loved ones to feed, purchase for and take care of. Let's enjoy making dinner and stop making sure it's "perfect" while we snipe and complain to anyone within earshot. The best turkey tastes "foul" when served with guilt as a side-dish.

Let's light up our Holidays with our good attitudes and Thankfulness.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's about time..painting the hutch

Well, this gal has been with me for over two years. I finally got her up on the table and started her paint job. I have one coat of primer on most and two coats on the lower and upper parts so that I can stand her up and do the rest. I figure a few more days and I can get her back together and put stuff on the shelves and have her pretty for the holidays. It's about dang time! Amazing what I can procrastinate!
Update: It's Wednesday and I managed to get a few coats of regular paint on the 'hard to reach' areas so that I could stand her up and work some more. Here is her current condition

The top shelves will be open and thus I will be priming and painting them as well, but I can do that with her off my dining room table! I am excited I can get this done and ready for Thanksgiving, even if I am not having people over!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reglazed a window

At some point one of the windows in my old casements got broken. I had to fix it. I took some pictures in case you ever want to try it at home.
Aside from measuring the opening and buying the glass the following are the steps:

Step one: remove the old glazing, broken glass and glazing points. (this is not fun, easy or necessarily without potential for injury) Step two: Put new glass in. This involves Glazing points (aka Push points) and
a putty knife or othe such flat tool. My window was 10x12 and I used four on the long sides and three on the top and bottom....It was a random decision, it seemed like "enough". :D

Then I used Latex Glazing, that required using a caulking gun. In retrospect I wish I had searched for the hand kneaded kind, I think I could have gotten a prettier finish, but with practice this would probably have been a finer job.

Now it needs painted and some tidying up. It's an older window and the new glazing points with 'tips' (which are easier) to use are sort of visible under the glazing compound from inside, which isn't ideal, but I learned how to do it and when the time comes to do another window, and in my old house it will, I will be better and no less proud of doing it myself.

Monday, November 1, 2010

New Year's Resolution-Check

I had one resolution this year: To show my horse. It seems like an easy one, but with her hoof problems, my business, my child and family duties and the fact that I hadn't shown since 4H days it was more than just setting a date and going.
I made myself commit to doing a few clinics with my trainer, Mary and riding a certain amount each week before a show. All of it added up to alot of work. I had moments when I didn't think it would happen. Losing my farrier over the summer, a blown engine in my husband's car and other such incidents conspired to make it a difficulty, but I prevailed.Chai and I prepping at home

Phase one of a Combined Test-Dressage

Phase 2- Stadium Jumping

Chai was a superstar and we scored lower middle of the pack in MY first ever dressage test. Next year I know what to do different to get a better score. She went completely clear in stadium and after a summer of basically being off she just soared. I love that mare!

Overall, we are proud girls and ready to do it again next year.

So, have to get a new resolution, I guess.