Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You forgot?

So this morning...Duncan and I ran to get a drink before the bus arrived. It took us a hair longer than expected so we were jumping out of the car just as the bus rolled up. I ran him to the bus and popped him in his seat, greeted the driver and started to run off. Duncan's classmate and friend Sadie, yells! "You forgot to kiss him" I turned and blew Duncan a kiss and hopped off the bus.

I had a moment where I felt kind of bad...then I realized. If NOT kissing him today was noteworthy I must kiss him EVERY single day without even thinking about it. I put him on the bus and kiss my boy, routine and RIGHT. I know we have had rough mornings where I didn't feel good, he didn't feel good or both...but ...I kiss that little face. I realize with all his delays and doctors and special schools all the hard work there is that....those hundred kisses each day. So without even being thankful Thursday I thank God for that!

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You May Say I'm A Dreamer said...

That's about the sweetest post! How sweet that the little girl on the bus recognized that you had "forgotten" to kiss your little guy! You have set the example, not only to him, but to who-knows-how-many other little impressionable souls! Good for you:]