Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am serious this time....

Dear winter,

Last week I asked, no TOLD you it was over between us. You seem to have ignored the discussion. Not only did you brought more of your 'things' to my house. We have officially had enough snow. Our COUNTY has even broken up with you...running out of salt to get rid of your mess. I hate to insist, but you need to leave. You are messing up my plans!



Now that I have had my winter rant...I have to consider tomorrow's Thankful Thursday....and what shall we post...and you?


Sandy said...

I am thankful that the snow we got was gone 2 days later!

~Mary said...

I too am SO tired of massive snow drifts and piles...I live in a beautiful mountain village but am totally OVER winter...Thank you for responding to me on my blog. That's what I LOVE about the blogging world, we connect to people around the world who we many never have otherwise ever known. I love my blog friends!!