Friday, January 30, 2009

what creature made these tracks?

If I hadn't seen them I would have been confused!
Here are the culprits. They are NOT as happy as the dogs to have snow. However, they are happily laying eggs and eating like pigs.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow place like home

Indiana doesn't usually get HUGE amounts of snow. We get three or four inches, it melts, we get two more and so on. Apparantly, it has been 13 years since we got 11 inches in ONE snow storm. It was THIS year, the year we moved to the country and don't have a tractor yet! :D

Here if you enlarge this phot you can see the black poodle (Tye) running and followed by Pupstar and they LOVE it.

You can see here that Stars chest doesn't even clear the snow, she has to "Bound" through it. Look at how happy that 'silver laced' dog seems.

This is just the view from our driveway!
Sun setting over the 'arena'....which will not thaw until April, most likely. I wish I had Jakey trained to pull a sleigh, this would be FUN!

Very pretty, better than Dead grass and I am trying to enjoy it's beauty and not start counting until Spring already!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What is that smell?

I came home a few days ago to my Paperwhites blooming. My first time growing them. A few days later I bleached the floor in the kitchen three times, scrubbed my sink, looked under the sink and was trying to find the source of the 'weird metalic smell'. I had a friend come over, she didn't mention the smell, I was mortified wondering what she thought of me. Then my husband said "Those paperwhites smell weird". I sniffed and sure enough it is them. Now that I know it is a strong floral smell I am not mortified, but next year I think I will do Hyacinth instead. That was alot of stress!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Need I say more?

My hubby will kill me for posting this, but I adore this picture. Jay loves a good nap and Star loves HIM! Could she be any happier? the REAL question is: How do men sleep whe that laundry above his head needs put away? Also, was that 'pillow' folded a few minutes ago? LOL

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

To soar or be sore


I had my first lesson with Mary, the clinician, almost exactly one year ago. That lesson was on another horse, as Chai had ouchy feet. I did a flatwork lesson on Squall that weekend. A few months later Chai and I did a couple of lessons with Mary and then in the summer we were in the above picture with Mary coaching us. Early Spring Mary sent me over my first cross rail (small X shaped jump) it was my first JUMP in 15 or more years! Chai is bored with such little jumps and I think she wishes I could do more frequent trips to Mary's. She loves it!

Last summer at the end of June I had a silly accident where I injured my tailbone. I was off my horse completely for 2 months and then have only been hacking around since.

That brings us to this past weekend. Chai and I hitch a ride to Rosebud Ranch in Brookston, IN and take two lessons with Mary. Saturday we worked on our flatwork, Mary was happy with how our partnership (Chai and I) had grown, asking "you've had her two years right". I was happy she thought so, but it was ONE! Winter lessons are hard, since it is hard to stay in 'riding shape' when it is 0 degrees outside. I was very content with our progress.

I was a little worried about Sunday's lesson, since I hadn't jumped since the tailbone injury. We work for a few minutes on Chai being responsive and ready and my seat position. My calves were protesting the assault after the previous day's work. Mary started me over a set of ground poles and we worked through them a few times. Mary added one little crossrail, then another, then raised them, then another and so on. As an instructor, Mary watches your every move and puts you to work, she always keeps us safe, but pushes us a little further. I was very worried that I would have lost alot of ground while not jumping. However, all our little hacks have developed our teamwork. In the end Chai and I jumped higher together than ever. I felt really good about it, Chai was happy and while 2 foot jumps aren't much in comparison to what many do, it is soaring to me! My heart was soaring, my faith in my mare was soaring and boy are my legs sore!

The photo is at Flying Cross Farms last summer and we are probably jumping about 18". Chai yawns at the thought, but yet she does it so happily and she trusts me to get her TO the jump and I trust her to get us through the jump....then we Soar together!

Friday, January 16, 2009

More cards than occassions?

I have made ten more cards (or more) making my total about 25 cards in three days, while working and everything else!

I have already mailed three (ones pictured in previous crazy card post).

Gave one monogrammed one to a client, sent one (didn't photograph) to Duncan's classmate for his birthday.

Made one for my son's bus driver to give to her hubby for V-day.

A monogram one for Daryl~ Am hoping I can find someone who is having a girl for this one!

Made this very whimsical, yet simple Valentine!

I also realized I made SEVERAL Thank you cards. Daryl says this says good thinks about me having a grateful spirit, I hope so. However, I think it says I have a compulsive spirit!

This simple and elegant one is my favorite so far!

So I sit around hoping for a reason to send a card, despite being postally challenged.
This one I can hope I will NOT need, but if someone feels badly, I hope this one will cheer them RIGHT up! This is way fun!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


A good portion of the country is in the icy grip of old man winter this week. Schools here in central Indiana are on 2 hour delays so we could gain a degree or two before kids set out for school. This is the time of year I start to wonder what my family was thinking settling HERE! Of course, in the other seasons I remember. For now, we fortify ourselves insde and thank God for living in homes where the heat just comes on when it gets cold.
If you are travelling today and are in the 'affected' area put some blankets in your car, charge your cellphone all the way and just don't go out unless you are forced!
As for me, I am waiting for clients and wondering what craziness brings them out today!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Carried Away

I went to Goodwill to look yesterday! (Surprise?) I spend 1.70. I bought a mug for my aunt and a card making kit. The kit was new, but opened and from Target. It was 99 cents! I assumed a few 'bits' were missing and I was right, but MOST of it was there and the main components.
I decided to get it, knowing that ONE card is more than that usually! So, having never really done scrapbooking or self-made cards I figured this was pretty self explanatory.
First, I made a card for a friend, I can NOT show it here, as it is in an envelope and she can't see it on the blog before in person!
Then I made a V'day card for my hubby, ditto to above.
Then I got out some of my tassel clutter and made this for my grandma! This was already two more cards than I had intended to make!

Then I realized I had all my 'stuff' out I may as well make a FEW more! After all, Duncan wouldn't be off the bus for a little while and it was FUN!
So I made another B'day card for another friend. I remembered it was January, but didn't remember it was TODAY....Thank God I got obsessed yesterday! LOL Most of the stuff came in the kits, but I used ribbons and other 'goodies' from my existing stuff. This was when I got carried away. I ended up making 13 of the fifteen cards yesterday! I have already mailed two, have three waiting for closer to appropriate dates and so on.I am sort of glad I got carried away and I wish I had more friends so I could make some more without being excessive!

Oh, and then I got Duncan on the bus this morning and made two final ones! Now I am truly out of cards to make, although I still have thoughts and goodies for when I buy more blank cards. Honestly, if the weather wasn't yucky here I would probably be at Target right now buying more stuff!
This was my final one, for a newlywed couple. I would have liked to do pink or white lettering, but this is what I had!
You think I have lost my mind? Anyone need to buy cards so I have an excuse to make more? LOL

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The case of the missing chicken

Saturday late morning my husband called me and told me that one of the chickens was 'missing'. I told him not to worry she was probaby in the coop laying. I came home and she was still missing. I got worried, searched the coop, the yard, the shrubs and nothing. There was no evidence of predator attack. I started to worry. I realized it was Pearl who was missing. I felt sad and worried and hoped that if she had been 'chicknapped' that she had not suffered.

I did all my afternoon stuff and at about 5pm I went to get the bucket for my horses beet pulp. In the winter we soak it in the house. I got to the barn and the bucket was outside the door upside down. I grabbed it and SQUAWK out runs a wet, beet pulp soaked chicken! She ran through the barn lot carrying on. The weather was only moderately cold and she had 40 minutes of sunshine, so I hoped she would dry.

Jay got home later and I went to feed the horses, tuck the girls in and just generally secure the farm for the night. I stopped by the coop and used my flashlight to look at the girls. There were two LOVELY floofy chickens and one sad looking chicken. What I hadn't considered was the molasses in the beet pulp that had dried on her feathers. I grabbed her up and took her to the house for a bath. I handed Jay a chicken, got a crate to put Pearl in when she was washed. Then I held her while Jay washed her feathers (from neck to tail covered) and she flapped and squawked and soaked us in the process.
She spent the night in a crate in the spare room so she would be able to dry. The next morning I turned her out and listened as she told the WORLD how she had been abused. She got to her pals and hushed. However, all day Sunday if I so much as went by her, she would scold me loudly. Yesterday she got herself INTO the horse barn, but couldnt' get out, she is definately not gonna be the 'easy one'.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Found it.....

I was about to head home Saturday from work. I decided to swing by Goodwill and see if there was anything NEW. I was not hopeful. I went the desk I liked, but was overpriced was still there, someone is gonna get some nice patio furniture but a bit pricey and I was about to head home and I looked past a small sofa and saw IT! The table I needed for my living room. It has had better days, it needs sanded and painted, it needs LOVE, but it was 15.99. Have a look at those legs and it looks almost identical to the one in my sunroom. This one is in worse shape, so I won't feel a bit guilty about painting this one. The other will stay wood colored and stay on the sunporch. Tis one will go to live in the living room. At this rate, everything I own will be a 'drop leaf'!
Isn't it begging you to be white? I think it was quite a steal!

If you are, this looks familiar! Check out my OTHER one!

oh...and yes sometime we intend to refinish those floors! LOL....also that is Xubi poodle in the foreground and Star behind him!

Extreme Makeover Poodle Edition

Here he is when he came in. He was worried and looking for his mom. I was letting him run around the back room and he was looking out the back door. Boy do I need to clean the nose prints off of that picture...somehow the 'no customer' rooms get done last!
Anyway, I don't know for sure, but I would guess at eight months old this may be ALL the hair he has EVER grown. They might have done his face and feet once! ?
So here he is after. There wasn't alot I could save and even saving his topknot and miniscule bracelets was a stretch! I have seen way more matted than that, especially for that age. Someone had been brushing him.
Does he look better?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sometimes it's easy.....

sometimes it isn't...Thrifting that is!

I need a few things for the new house. I don't have a 'set' thing in mind. As big as a small drop leaf to as small as a large side table or dressing table. Could even be a low dresser. Just something for an empty space in the living room.

I searched Goodwill and they had a lovely OLD desk, that needed some work and PAINT, but they wanted 99 dollars and that is out of my current budget. I found a cute dresser at the Stuff Store, but it was wrong for the space and not much cheaper. Found a cheap low table for cheap that didn't make me LOVE it. I would have bought it, scraped off the ugly decopage, repainted and still felt the need to replace I left it alone.

I even went to the next Goodwill over a town and nothing! Sometimes it is just easier than others!

Monday, January 5, 2009


I have been lax at posting, mostly because the Duncan bear is out of school. I contemplated writing about my 'resolutions' for this year, but most of those our 'typical'. Lose some weight, go to the gym more, renew my passport, ride in some clinics, compete in a horse show, pay off more debt, read the bible and pray more.... you know the drill.

Today the idea for a topic skimmed across the waters of my mind as I contemplated a letter to write to Grace (Our Compassion sponsor child in Tanzania). I often contemplate the effect that what we consider mundane, must have on her. For instance, my home is likely as large as her 'school'. We have pets we raise for 'fun' and not profit or food. I have a horse and am not some sort of royalty. So I contemplated a photo I could send her and thought about blogging about those thoughts. I blew the skimming thought off the water and went back to more 'serious' thoughts, like how many dogs do I have to groom tomorrow?

Then I came into the shop and found a post at the nestingplace and her 'resolutions'. Within her resolutions she mentions that if you are reading this (having internet) you are wealthier than 96% of the world. The skimming thought, plopped right down into my mind and began to ripple the surface.

I have had many times that God reminds me of how blessed we are. I once sent Grace a 10 dollar (yes TEN) gift for her Birthday through Compassion. I got a sweet letter and a photo of her with a suitcase and a new dress. I didn't think much about the suitcase until I read the letter. She was going on about how she got herself a new outfit and a box to keep her clothes in. I thought she meant a dresser until it hit me. That suitcase, odd colored and 'carry on' size actually made her WEALTHY among her own family. Noone else in her family had such a thing. My ten dollars bought her a dress she would wear for a school year and then some and a suitcase. We do not realize just how wealthy we are!

I contemplate that Grace's home is probably smaller than my sunroom and she lives there with her siblings and parents.

Today as you are thinking 'serious' thoughts about all you must do, count your blessings.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

Seems like every time I am at the computer something happens where Blogger won't let me save.

So, I drop by, to quickly say "Happy New Year" friends.

I have been busy taking down Christmas stuff and catching up.

I too several good rides on my horse before '08 ended. One being a few hours long and nearly freezing off my poor toes! It was worth it!

I wish you all a content new year!