Saturday, March 24, 2012

Earning his keep

A few months ago I visited the Humane Society looking for a "tough looking" dog to make would-be theives consider other homes. The dog I went to look it refused to even look at me when I said his name. I started walking the aisles. This goofy Coon dog mix begged me to let him out. I really considered that insane, but did it anyway. He was silly, hard to focus and such a puppy. He was skinny as a rail, had tattered ears and did I mention SILLY? I liked him, but wasn't sure. While I was thinking my son, Duncan, grabbed the dogs cheek. It wasn't the kindest of grabs, Duncan was stressed and overwhelmed. The dog wagged his tail and kept "smiling" away. I looked the dog in the eyes and said "welcome to the family".
We picked him up a few days later from the neuter surgery. We renamed him "Moves Like Jagger" He is goofy, annoying and needy, but he LOVES his boy. He kisses Duncan goodnight each night, he let's Duncan walk him in the woods and he is patient when Duncan is overwhelmed. If Duncan says "Jagger" or "Wags" he comes running. His only job is to be Duncan's dog so he earns his keep. He was meant to belong to my boy! He also is a heck of a snuggle buddy and I kind of like him!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just a couple of reasons

I won't use the word excuse, because I don't ever feel sorry when I am trucking along. I did miss my blogosphere and the people in it.

So on of the reasons I was absent for so long are horse-related. The mare above, Chai (October 2010 this photo) ended up very lame this summer and I considered euthanizing her, found her a good farrier and kept her going.

Another reason I have been absent is I am spending more time in the gym. By more time, I mean I was basically NOT fit or active as of November 2010, I had already lost 30 or so pounds by then, but not adding nearly enough activity. I joined the gym and even hired a trainer. The work has been hard, gruelling and honestly I Love it now. It is weird to be THAT person, the one who LIKES the gym, but I am! I am now 70lbs down in total and forty or so of that since last November.

So here is part of what I have gained by missing my blog:

My fit and happy 20 year old mare as sound as she ever has been and a new fitter body to fit into the saddle. It's a weird world when a friend can snap a photo and I not immediately say "if you put that on facebook I will hurt you". I have a few more pounds to go (20 or so), but I weigh what I did in college and feel amazing.

Funny thing is I would have NEVER posted that before picture until now. Now it isn't who I am, it's who I was and that seems less awful!

I'm glad to be back, but the gym is calling so I am out of here!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Is this thing on?

Okay, I am sure you have assumed I died, was maimed, moved to an island with no internet or worse! However, I am alive and well. Alot has happened in the months since I was a routine or semi-routine blogger.

It's feeling like SPring in Indiana so I am cleaning out the garage, sprucing things up and generally getting back into fixing up the house, so I might have some things to share.

For today I share that I found a lovely peice of Junk: An old Door!

I had a few ideas of what to do with it, which color to paint it and dragged it home. Then I just liked it's old patina so much I have left it for now. It isn't a door, or part of a project. For now, it is a peice of art, history in and of itself. I like it. The problem is that all the "ideas" still want a door, so now i have to find MORE of them! :D