Monday, March 15, 2010

The best compliments!

I apologize for being a slacker in the way of posting to the blog. With purchasing the truck and trailer, riding my horse, getting farrier work done and the like I have been a crazy-busy gal.

I have had TWO very wonderful compliments by visitors to my home. My neighbor's young(18YO) daughter said "I love your house, it feels so welcoming" and yetserday my farrier said "You have a very nice house".

Having taken our house from "Not ours and okay" to notable makes me happy. I can see all the thigns that need work, the trim needing replaced, those hollow core doors...but it is HOME...and the fact that outsiders notice immediately that it is 'home'...makes me happy. After all, isn't that was Cottage Style is....? It isn't a paint color or a is a FEELING! I have acheived it and I am proud!


~Mary said...

One of the BEST compliments!! I have been in very expensive homes that are cold and uninviting. I'll take my little bitty "home" any day!!

~Mary said...
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