Monday, March 11, 2013

A taste of Spring

We had some nice weather yesterday.  I didn't manage to clean much of the house (my usual Sunday thing), but I managed some barn chores, fence mending and Duncan got some PLAY time!  He was very happy to have lunch at the park and play on the merry-go-round.  I will admit I got on myself and laughed like a fool with him!

Good news, baby Nicholas (from my last post) is doing better and is off the Ventilator and in his parents arms!  That's a huge praise!  Thanks to all who have continued to have him in their prayers!
Spring is just around the corner and I am thankful.  I am trying to remind myself that all things will be new and green soon.  That from the cold and dark of winter, comes the beauty of flowers and all that we love.  It's important for me to remember to keep moving forward and take time to ride the merry-go-round with my "not so little" boy every  now and then!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Prayers for Nicholas

It's not my story to tell, so I will just ask today that anyone and everyone who can pray for little Nicholas would do so!
He is 7 days old and has had heart surgery and is working hard to survive. 

Please pray

Monday, January 28, 2013

A good Sunday

We are having strange weather in Indiana.  That may be a little redundant since Indiana is known for such weirdness.  However, yesterday this mean the nicer part of our day was early before 'freezing rain replaced slightly below freezing and just cold".  I got up and fixed Bacon, Eggs and Pancakes for the little bear.  He lives for Sundays and pancakes.  I was planning to go trail riding (or road riding in this case) with my friend and neighbor, Martha, at 10.  So Dunc and I hopped in the car and I ran to town to get a caffeinated drink!
ON the way back I saw a large bird in the trees near my house.  Guess who?  A Bald Eagle.  This is about my 6th personal sighting  and 5 very near my house.  This one being closest yet!  Since when I was growing up they were all but GONE from Indiana and definately not this far North, this is exciting to me.  So I stopped to take his picture.  While stopped a lovely elderly couple stopped to chekc on me  and I showed them the Eagle.  They were thrilled.  I so appreciated giving them a 'lift' to their morning for their good deed of checking on me!

When I see things like this bird I always think I should have a really nice camera and carry it everywhere.  Seems like a good idea...somehow a new bridle always wins the battle of where to spend my money.

Then I got out my horse and met Martha on our road for a ride.  We rode for about 2 1/2 hours.  It was a good ride.  My mare was a bit silly after a month off because of weather, but it was nice to get out.  Rode by the creek and love the sound of the water squeezing around the ice.  Made me think I need to plan a lunch date with myself by a creek soon!

Got my girl brushed down, and back in her blanket and came to the house.  Dunc asked for a trip to town and I relented.  I'm again glad I did because in the field down the road were 13 wild turkeys!  Those birds get portrayed and not very pretty, but in all honesty, they have lovely coloration.  When they fly they are quite pretty and graceful.  Like the eagle, it was something we didn't see in Indiana when I was younger. 
Overall, I'll take that for a dismal Sunday weatherwise!

Friday, January 18, 2013

A boy and his horse

Last year I bought a new horse for ME.  She has taken me to some shows, event camp and more.  I ride her pretty regularly, but if you ask Duncan, she is HIS!  I'm pretty sure if you ask her, she agrees.  If it were anyone else, I would be jealous, but loving Duncan is a pretty good way to guarantee yourself a warm blanket, feed and love at my house!  It helps that she totes me dutifully over jumps and through the woods.
I'm elated Duncan loves his "grey mare", even if he offends her by making me sing the "old grey mare" to her!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

May your year be full of laughter!