Monday, November 1, 2010

New Year's Resolution-Check

I had one resolution this year: To show my horse. It seems like an easy one, but with her hoof problems, my business, my child and family duties and the fact that I hadn't shown since 4H days it was more than just setting a date and going.
I made myself commit to doing a few clinics with my trainer, Mary and riding a certain amount each week before a show. All of it added up to alot of work. I had moments when I didn't think it would happen. Losing my farrier over the summer, a blown engine in my husband's car and other such incidents conspired to make it a difficulty, but I prevailed.Chai and I prepping at home

Phase one of a Combined Test-Dressage

Phase 2- Stadium Jumping

Chai was a superstar and we scored lower middle of the pack in MY first ever dressage test. Next year I know what to do different to get a better score. She went completely clear in stadium and after a summer of basically being off she just soared. I love that mare!

Overall, we are proud girls and ready to do it again next year.

So, have to get a new resolution, I guess.

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