Monday, July 12, 2010

A great man

Well, it has been ages since I last posted. With Duncan off from school for the summer I have been busy with the business, him, the horses and life. I have still made a point to be Thankful on Thrusday, but haven't managed to post about it here. I am sorry I have been missing.

I am more sorry today that I am posting for this reason.

Saturday morning I was informed that Friday July 9th, my farrier (horseshoer) passed away. To many, this would seem like an unlikely reason to be overly sad, but he was a fantastic man. His name was Wayland Arney and he was also my friend.
I will share my memories of him here:
Wayland was so respectful of clients that most are shocked when I tell them he smoked, because he didn't in front of them. He loved my son, not in spite of his disability, but as if there was none. He told me a mere 10 days before he died "Life is short, do what you want". He smiled often, and the smile lines around his eyes, said it wasn't a new thing. He couldn't say enough good things about his daughters and family. He was loyal to those he loved, to the point of being willing to fight for them. He helped me to get a truck and trailer and in a way, made it so that now that he is gone I can find a new farrier even if I have to haul to them. He was loyal to a fault, even when my horse was a difficult case, there was drama or whatever, he came when he was needed. I believe that there are just people with whom we click, and because of who Wayland was, he was that person to alot of people. He didn't talk constantly and wasn't verbose, but when he spoke he was truthful and what he said mattered, well unless it was a joke and he was harrassing you!
I will find someone to shoe my horse, I hope they will do a good job, but my horse will never be as good without him and I will never forget him. Like all the too short relationships in our lives, he changed me forever. In his case for the good!

Goodbye were truly awesome!


Stephanie1984 said...

Yes, he will be greatly missed. Even though I only had the privlage of knowing him a few months, he had a way of making it seem like years. He was a great farrier; it won't be the same without him. RIP Wayland.

Anonymous said...

This is Wayland's oldest daughter and I do not know you but I do know that what you have said here on your blog is disrespectful to me directly and to my mother. If you had an issue with the memorial service you are more than welcome to give me a call but here is not the place for you to address your issues or questions about why the minister said what he said. The truth is that clearly you did not know my dad as well as you thought you did because that memorial service was dead on. Like I said if you have an issue with what was said you should call me at 317-473-9571 my name is Tonya.

Anonymous said...

cheryl you may have only known wayland a very short year however i have spent a life time with him. he was a kind and caring person and very devoted to his family and his previous families. His eulogy was about him as we who are closest to him understood. He was a simple man with a huge heart. his word and respect was him. That is who he was. He will be missed by a few but greatly missed and never forgotten by those who know him and his soul. So his family appreciates the fact that he made an impression on you and your family however we are his family and you were an aquaintence. if you need a new farrier, Wayland would recommend this guy.. Josh. 317.797.4935.

Anonymous said...


Cottagecheap said...

I have removed the portion about the memorial service, as it said BY DESIGN...I did not know one way or another. I did not feel it was an insult and I apologize.