Saturday, February 13, 2010

My new Valentine table

I needed a Goodwill fix, I have been finding things I like or could fix up but they were to pricey for their quality. Then I found this:

According to an article online Mersman tables aren't worth "ALOT" because they were mass produced, but they are good and attractive.

Since I will paint her, I am glad she isn't valuable.

What do you think?
Funny thing....the chair behind her...and the bookshelf are both also Goodwill finds. This is my floor that needs done when we have warm weather...I can't wait to find the honey tones of oak under that remaining dark stain!


Daryl said...

When you get sick of that cute table, it would look terrific in MY Maine farmhouse!
Way to go...

Chris said...

I heart your table! It's an awesome find. I think I need to start going to the GW.

Thanks for sharing.

Peanut-Butter Kitty said...

Great find! Lucky you, very seldom do I find anything good at the GW. I'm a Salvation Army gal. I was there the other day and seen a great twin size bed. With a little TLC and a new coat of paint. Oh well, no room at my house. I have stuff at both of my sister's houses that need to be painted. This summer I'll get on it. :)
So, what color are you going to paint your find? Looking forward to the finished product. Have a Happy Valentine's Day.

Spring said...

I need to find a new Goodwill! I never find stuff like that!