Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Working on the workshop

As I mentioned Monday I went home to work in the old Barn. It was very cold and I have decided that a summer chore will be to frame off a portion to be 'heatable'. Sadly the old windows of the barn are/were dead when we moved, so I have to reframe boxes and windows....wanting to find OLD windows to do it.

Anyway, on to the PROGRESS....

I literally walked into the shop...snapped this picture and tried to not be too ashamed. :D I the got to work, sweeping and picking up. Here is one of those 'dead' windows...note...the cardboard held in by scrap wood...what workmanship I have! :D I took this picture, because tonight I have getting four new table tops from a guy who does table advertising. I will be building my potting bench here and intend to have the sun shining on me when I do....picture it....

Notice floor is now swept and ready for said table... is the closest I have to 'after'. After is going to require money I don't have in my 'blow money' envelope....and it will wait. I do have things sorted and off the worktable. Notice...piles of like items. When I go to dollar tree today (with said blow money envelope) I will get a small container for 'electrical stuff', plumbing stuff, miscellaneous screws, miscellanious nails etc... Then they can go under my worktable. Notice all my power tools are put away...except the Circular saw, as I was using it to build....

little shelves and hanging rail for my painting supplies. Wow, I have alot of painting supplies!That coffee can farely gasped at the thought.

A few things I love about my workshop:

  1. It is mine!

  2. That SUNOCO blue workbench was made with the time-worn hands of my Grandfather over 30 years ago...and he happened to WORK for Sunoco! He also WIRED it...which means it is plugged in and has a plug in for my tools...GO PAPA! :D

  3. My windows overlook my horse pasture

  4. The barn is OLD

  5. and behind that old blue workbench, I have my free trelis pieces that are pretty..and a great place to hang my hammers etc... Sadly I didn't get the hammer in the picture.

  6. I am making it mine with my own sweat and blood.

It is a workshop in progress, to be sure, but I made a dent...and feel more like getting out there and working...if only it would get WARM!

Oh for my makeover here! :D I forgot I wast joining a linky!


Funky Junk Interiors said...

Good for you! How fabulous you have such a neat place to work!

Sorry your weather slowed down your progress, but you made a dent, and that's the hardest step. May the weather cooperate soon so you can continue on. :)

Thanks for showing us your progress so far and linking up to the workshop series before and after event!

FJ Donna

Debilou~Mississippi Mama said...

That is a neat little space you have ,, I'm sure its gonna look great as you continue to work on it..

Kolein said...

I would give my right arm for a barn. I'm left handed so it's not that big a deal! Still, we all want one here!

Kudos to you for "the dent". I know, firsthand, what it's like trying to clean up and put ALL THIS STUFF somewhere! Don't you feel proud. Like a momma!

Something about hanging those hammers up that get us all giddy!

Oh and I'm so jealous that you have a horse pasture. I may be able to live without arms for that one!

Thanks for sharing this!

Tammy@InStitches said...

You are so lucky to have a fabulous view out of your workshop all I see is the siding of the house next door ! I am happy to have 2 windows though....

Daryl said...

Your workspace will be fabbitty fab fab and I am so proud of you for tackling this! It is a big project but will have big dividends... (like a place to "hide" when the family is on your last nerve.)

Hartwood Roses said...

I love your workbench. The 'made by Papa' aspect of it is irresistable (and I love the color)

It should be fairly easy to replace your barn window ... or repair the one you have. Since it's a barn, and you don't have to make use of fine cabinetry skills. If you have a broken 'donor window' the job is that much easier. Keeping out the weather, and allowing for your view to the pasture, is the goal.

Part of my own barn is full of cast-off windows that I've collected for a sunroom project. If you lived closer, I'd let you dig for one.

Hoping for warm spring weather,

Candace@craftysisters-nc said...

Good for you for organizing. I should have joined in, my workspaces are not even fit to be pictured. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me some great advice on the cabinet. I'm not sure what mullion windows are but they sound interesting. I would love to see what they are.


Formerly-Corn in My Coffee Pot said...

I think your doing a great job so far especially with no budget.
(I'm a D.R. fan also; I too have no budget)

found you through our mentor and teacher Donna--

keep up the good work- hold out for spring!

A Touch of Country said...

This looks like the inside of our barn. Our room sits on the corner of the inside of the barn and was used to hold the milking supplies for dairy cattle. It still has a few old stainless steel dairy contraptions hanging on the wall that I am not sure what they are.

Can't wait to see your progess.

Good luck and have fun!

judi said...

Hopped over from Funky JUnk Interiors for the Workshop Makeover. Love the idea of using your barn! How cool is that! I hope to someday do the same as we have a barn that my hubs built for our daughter's 2 horses once upon a time. Now it's used for storage...basically junk!
BTW...we been listening to Dave Ramsey for several years now.
~judi ;)