Thursday, July 26, 2012

Inherited treasure

My Aunt calls me a few weeks ago asking if I want my grandmother's dresser.  I am thinking of the 1950's blonde set she had and wondering what possessed her to think I would want it.  Then she tells me it is an antique that was in the 'front' room, not grandma's room.
My aunt was bringing some other things from Jacksonville, so she could bring it to Southern Indiana and I could meet her.  I honestly didn't have memories of this dresser, as my mental picture is that blonde set and grandma's hairbrushes there.
  There are two stories on this peice.  The one my aunt tells is grandma bought it for 50c from my great great uncle and fixed the finish and some damage to it.  He then offered her $2 to get it back, she was offended.   My dad, however, says he remembers going with my grandfather to buy it at an auction.  Since, all firsthand parties are no longer with us, I may never know.
However, she fits nicely in my home.  I got her home, unwrapped the marble top and put her in place.  I quickly shoved a few items on it so it wasn't naked and snapped this picture for my aunt, so she knew it had gotten a good home!   The little guy on the right was my Dad's teddy.  I thought it only fitting!
I opened the drawers and was surprised to find I DO remember the shelf liner in the drawers!  Funny how memory works.  I believe every drawer in grandmas house was the bright stuff!
I love to have her dresser and cook with her wearever pans.  If I could bottle the love she gave me I would wear it everyday.  These pieces bring a little of it closer to home. 
I love my new/old gift from Grandma!  Thank you Aunt Barb for knowing how much it would mean to me!