Monday, February 22, 2010

A biggish job

The old barn at our farm is where we have 'dumped' things as we moved. It is where I dream of having my workshop space and have succeeded to a degree. I got things in and mostly put away when we first moved. Some stuff was still at my shop. Then Dad brought me the workbench my Grandfather made and I moved more stuff. Then my Grandmother cleaned out her shed and more stuff came in. Then I got the rest of the stuff from the shop/old house storage...and now it s a cluttered mess.

The following collage is of the barn when we got it. I haven't taken many pics since we moved, it isn't exactly a 'pretty' place to look upon. So you get the looks like this only the previous owner had more junk..and more cool tools/storage than I do. I promise to take a before when I get there today.
I am off to kick it into submission...wish me luck!

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~Mary said...

Oooohh I'm so jealous that you have a barn! How awesome. I know you will kick it's butt...I can't wait to see the "after" photos! Good Luck!!