Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reglazed a window

At some point one of the windows in my old casements got broken. I had to fix it. I took some pictures in case you ever want to try it at home.
Aside from measuring the opening and buying the glass the following are the steps:

Step one: remove the old glazing, broken glass and glazing points. (this is not fun, easy or necessarily without potential for injury) Step two: Put new glass in. This involves Glazing points (aka Push points) and
a putty knife or othe such flat tool. My window was 10x12 and I used four on the long sides and three on the top and bottom....It was a random decision, it seemed like "enough". :D

Then I used Latex Glazing, that required using a caulking gun. In retrospect I wish I had searched for the hand kneaded kind, I think I could have gotten a prettier finish, but with practice this would probably have been a finer job.

Now it needs painted and some tidying up. It's an older window and the new glazing points with 'tips' (which are easier) to use are sort of visible under the glazing compound from inside, which isn't ideal, but I learned how to do it and when the time comes to do another window, and in my old house it will, I will be better and no less proud of doing it myself.

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solarity said...

Weather tight is quite pretty enough. Congratulations!

Mary Anne in Kentucky