Friday, May 18, 2012

So many projects so little time

Well, this is the start of ONE of my projects.  In the back are jump poles (think horses) that I painted.  I have cut this old door down (Was glass at top) and am making my new coffee table.  I have spindles from my Dad's old house to build the legs.  THey are also cut.  Now the question of the hour:  How do I find time to sand the spindles, paint the parts, paint again, distress, assemble etc. ?  I need a maid and a yard guy so I can do more of these projects!  LOL   But then I would have to work MORE hours to pay them.  Vicious circle.  I often wonder how other bloggers get so much stuff done.  I am picturing some sweat shops in their garages, honestly! 

I am always proud of my projects when they are done, but sometimes they feel daunting when I start.  I remind myself that I planted roses this weekend, filled out rest of front garden, weeded and put mulch around the property.  I can do step at a time!

HOpe you guys are are all conquering your PILE of projects too!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day gift to myself!

I should probably NOT be going on Craigslist and typing in things like "buffet" or worse yet, for me, "Horse".   I did it last week though, I didn't buy a horse or even tall boots, I found this lovely buffet.  I have been desiring a sideboard/buffet for a long time.  I got the price I wanted for her and after some planning to go get her (an hour away).  She came home.

She isn't without "issues"  Slightly too large for where I wanted her, I chose another wall, and if I center her under the windows you might not make the stair corner with a load of towels in a basket!  While watching someone else flip over a buffet might be good slapstick, it's not most realistic for daily living.  Well now she is just not quite right here.  I will figure it out.  Maybe moving my "almost finished" china cabinet to the right. (That's another story!).  Then there is the "What color do I paint her issue?"  I love the white, love grey, contemplated a bright undercolor with grey or white over and let life distress her.  
Then there is that SHIP!  Look at the top pic!  A lovely ship is on the bottom drawer!  Do I make a circle around it and not paint that section.  If I do that do I refinish the top to match?
Also she had been in storage for awhile so I had to scrub her pretty good and I am gonna do the insides with a dilute bleach solution again to get the "storage" smell out of her.  By the time she is painted and refinished she is going to be JUST what I wanted.  Now, can I buy TIME on CL?

Tell me what you think!

 By the way, MARY some of the goodies you gifted me when I first moved are in the cabinet to the left see if you an find them!  Proof that the picture wasn't staged is the dust on said items!  LOL

Saturday, May 5, 2012


It's all around. Sometimes hiding. Sometimes in things others don't see. This was all in my back pasture.