Wednesday, April 29, 2009

more babies?

This is a baby silkie chicken. This one is day old and she will be white when grown. They lack correct 'feathers' so appear to have fur instead. They are adorable. I LOVE them! Right now I have the six I first bought, plus one I names "spare" since he/she was alone at the store a few days later being beaten up by larger birds.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two posts, one day?

Don't worry there is no planetary disruption just me trying to win some cool art!
NESTER is having a Linky party to tell where you put your feather/egg art or where you would put it.

So to get my name in the hat for those lovely prints here I am.

So this is a picture from our first tour of the house. So don't mind that triangle of dark wood in the middle of that white, trim, I fixed that right up within a week of moving. Behind June (my realtor) is a wall begging to be a GALLERY for those prints. I dare say they would be perfect here!
Click the link go to Nester's site, and from there you can go to L. Herbert and see what it is I am drooling over!

What to do this Thursday!

Attend a "Town Hall for Hope" in your area. Click on Dave's head above for more information. It is free, you can find one locally and if nothing else he is funny.

Honestly, I feel Dave Ramsey and similiar principles I learned before Dave have kept me sane. Check it out.

A terrible clutter in my inbox

I have an admission....I have OVER 28K unread mails in my inbox. I am on six too many yahoo groups. There are more unread and more in folders. My goal is to remove a NET of 1000 a day for the next month and get a relatively organized inbox.

I am goign to have to break down and go off some lists and on digest on others, it is a bad thing when your inbox makes you want to cry!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Kids on the Block

and I don't mean the boy band that should have stayed retired! (nothing personal if you are fan)

This is Luna and Lolli. Luna is the one with the smaller flash on her forhead and Lolli (as in lolli-pop) has the 'tornado' shaped flash. Luna is way more impetuous and funny and Lolli is quieter and more shy.

They are living in a funny little temporary shed within a shed that I built out of scrounged materials! They like it (as you can see). They keep standing on the door, though. Also they seem to think their feed pan is a bed and they both curl up in it. SO CUTE!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nothing better...

Than natural beauty!
There is nothing as striking as a field FULL of flowers, it can be breathtaking after the world yawns and stretches from it's long winter nap.While I do not like winter, for the most part, I think those of us living where winter is 'real' appreciate flowers more when they come back to us.

The daffodils at my new house aren't quite as boysterous in a group as I would like, they either need some friends or some fertilizer or both, but they are very pretty.
The only thing prettier than a bunch of flowers? ONE! One beautiful bloom, up close. I am thankful that I am blessed enough to see another Spring another flower season and that I can take a moment to ENJOY this beauty. I hope you do too!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Tax Man Cometh....

Well, today is the deadline. I have waited to send my payment until the very last moment. I will write my check and take it to the post office later. This year was a shocker. Normally, what my husband overpays makes up for what I earn in the business. This year there was an error in the number of exemptions he took on his pay. So we OWE!
I don't mind my civic duty to pay my part, but it feels a little daunting when you have to come up with so much all at once! I could do a payment plan, but the little angel on my right shoulder (he looks and sounds ALOT like Dave Ramsey these days) says NO it now, eat some more spaghetti for the month and be done with it.
Honestly, the frustrating part, for me, is that I have many things I would have RATHER done with the money. There are things that NEED to be done like: Build a stall, put up fence, buy a harrow etc....
Then there are things I WANT To do: Paint the upstairs, refinish the floor in the living room (or paint it)
Then there are things I just want want want: This is the hardest to fight. I WANT a horse trailer, I want to show my horse mother's day weekend and thus need show gear...
Okay, Uncle Sam, you win...I will put my wants in my back pocket for a bit and pay you.
Hugs to those also writing checks today....I remind myself that despite her flaws this nation allows me to HAVE a blog in which I can write all sorts of silliness because of my freedom of speech!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I have a new toy!

Called a FLIP video camera!

I happened to win it in a RAFFLE! With all the 'bad luck' I was having the last week, this was a happy. There is good and bad news....I LOVE the camera (good news)...I may be addicted to it (bad news).

Here is my very first EVER video.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Forgotten Friend?

I am a horrid friend. Yesterday, I was working on my taxes, fretting over paying what I owe. It was my 'day off' so I never looked at my calendar, went to the bank or looked at the DATE.

The date was 4/6...and it was my friend SEAN's B'day! He just had surgery on his knee and top it with a friend who forgets your birthday! :(

I am so Sorry Sean, my forgetfulness is no reflection on your value as my pal!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The 'downside' to Spring

I am missing my blog-time. I have alot of clients, taxes to figure (and pay) and want to be outside. I will be back with a post soon, I promise!