Thursday, October 7, 2010

New foster horse-OTTB

We have a new foster horse. For those that don't know, I foster for an awesome organization in Indiana. FFI takes retired race horses and retrains them for second careers.

The acronym OTTB stands for Off Track Thoroughbred. Those of us that ride, love and own OTTBs think it's a great thing to give our horses second careers and homes.

This Sunday our new foster arrived.

his name is Woodman's Star, his barn name is Woody and he is awesome. He stood like a champ for the farrier yesterday, has ridden like a dream for me that last few days and is going trail riding Friday.

For those of you who are horse people and have watched any of the World Equestrian Games this year in Lexington, there were several OTTBs in the eventing section. Upper level horses who may or may not have been great at racing but are awesome at their second careers.

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solarity said...

He's a very pretty fellow if his hindquarters live up to the rest of him. He seems to be wondering why he has a saddle on if you're not going to ride.

Mary Anne in Kentucky