Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's about time..painting the hutch

Well, this gal has been with me for over two years. I finally got her up on the table and started her paint job. I have one coat of primer on most and two coats on the lower and upper parts so that I can stand her up and do the rest. I figure a few more days and I can get her back together and put stuff on the shelves and have her pretty for the holidays. It's about dang time! Amazing what I can procrastinate!
Update: It's Wednesday and I managed to get a few coats of regular paint on the 'hard to reach' areas so that I could stand her up and work some more. Here is her current condition

The top shelves will be open and thus I will be priming and painting them as well, but I can do that with her off my dining room table! I am excited I can get this done and ready for Thanksgiving, even if I am not having people over!

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