Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ready Set Go

Just a quick blog while I pack and move! Yesterday Duncan, my ten year old with special needs, ran into my new outdoor arena and said loudly "ready, set, go". This may seem nothing special, but I was worried he wouldn't adjust to the new place. His elation and little private party in the arena made me thrilled.


Russell @ Jaci said...

Welcome home Duncan!
Love you!!!
Aunt Jaci

Anonymous said...

So glad Duncan likes his new home!

I am so excited to start our 1st contentment therapy session tomorrow, Nov 1. I anticipate great things and being just a bit more content concious through the month, I think, will lead the way for much peace and less stress if nothing else!

It has gotten so very busy here that I am glad that I will have to set aside time to remind myself of being content in the midst of busy-ness. I doubt with the holidays soon approaching that it will slow down for any of us - hum- how to be content in the midst of busy?

If you have not put a link to my blog concerning the Contentment therapy month would you please do that. WE have 14 signed up but others may sign up at any time during the month of Nov to join us. If you will also mention the giveaway associated with this they may help peek others interest to go take a lookie! This link will bring them to the blog entry to sign up with MR. Linky. Also if they leave a comment they are automatically entered in for the giveaways.

I do realize that you might not be able to make an entry each day- whatever you can do, even if it is just a line or 2 will be a blessing to us all!

Looking forward to seeing what contentment therapy looks like in your lives!
Blessings to you!

mary :)