Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Birthday blessings

While yesterday was truly hard with losing Ruby and all that entailed. I still can count my blessings. Without the obvious I have a house to live in kind of stuff I will get to the meat or cake of the matter.
My husband woke up early and made me a cake. It stayed uniced most of the day, as he was at work, but he came home, frosted it and used chocolate chips for words.
I also received several cards. My hubby's sister and her family sent those adorable little bear cards. My grandmother sent me one I forgot to photograph along with a check. I put the check in my savings account and I intend to use that money for my downpayment. Along with money my other grandma (deceased) kept for me for YEARS. I will feel as if they had a part in buying my home.

I got call after call and I think I may have used up all my cell phone minutes in one day? :D

I had to reschedule dinner with my dad and his wife until Thursday, b/c DH was working and I didn't want him to miss Pork Chops and Gravy. My dad makes the best gravy EVER and I asked that for my b'day he teach me to take mine up a notch. Mine is good, his is the stuff of legend...and I am not sucking up he has no internet access! LOL

When my day was over and I was exhausted my neighbor Karen came across the road with a gift from Randy and her. What a lovely pitcher, I can't wait to put it in my dining room in my new home.
Last, but actually first to get here was a gift from my pal D'Gaye. Along with the pumpkin and doily she sent me the following picture is all the wonderful things she sent me. I love you too, girl! She is also the one who got me drinking that wonderful Godiva Dark Chocolate hot cocoa....mmmmmmmmmm!
So her package included those really cool candleholders, silver colored coasters, a potato baking bag (for micro), an adorable sign, a cookbook and some really fun summer napkins for lunches on my back deck next year! I am still amazed at the pals I have made in my grooming world!
My good friend Daryl, who is as postally challenged as me....sent me a card, we are always sending late! LOL She knows me so well, so she is sending me money to go buy BULBS for my front yard. I intend to put in some Daffs, Crocus and maybe Tulips. I love this as a gift, b/c I will be able to enjoy it now and then again when they bloom in the Spring.
Last but not least...I tried my hand at making a tassle last night. I used a little bird I got at Goodwill and I don't think it is bad for my first attempt! I will never be a pro, but sure was fun! Thanks for being a part of my day!

EDITED: to add, D'Gaye says coasters are aluminum!


D'Gaye said...

Those coasters are aluminum circa 1950's



It sounds like you had a nice birthday:)
So sorry to hear that you had to put Ruby down :(
Love the tassel you made. How did you do it??I really want to make some and have no idea on how to do it. Yours looks lovely. I also like the monogram letter. I think I can do that one:)
Take care.

Russell @ Jaci said...

Hey, glad you have some good things to remember on your bday!
BTY, I have one of the tater bags... awesome! I haven't cooked a tater any other way since I got mine.Later,

Sharon~heartsongs said...

I'm glad your day turned out well. I know that it was still very, very hard. It's nice to have so many people show that they care.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!!!! I love the birthday cake you DH made you- that is just the sweetest!!!!

So sorry to hear about your sweet puppy- We lost our Britany Spaniel, Caleb a few years back and it is heartbreaking. They become such a part of the family and bless us so with their funny antics and ways! We have a black lab now, Jessie and he sits here and whines at us when we are not paying attention to him!