Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Who did you go with?

That seems to be the question everyone asks me when I say "I went Hiking in Brown County yesterday". When they say "With who?" I say "STAR". I was minding my own business running down to Bloomington to get some meds for my dogs. Star went for the ride along. I was so enjoying the foliage that I decided to make a detour to the state park. I am glad I did.
Star is my 'baby dog' she is just a little over one and she was dumped on me by a young girl who handed me the ten week old tiny pup and said "mom is going to take her to the pound". I took this little bundle because terriers are difficult and often get homes and end up BACK in the pound. My plan was to spend a few weeks 'training' her and place her. I started calling her "pup" while she learned manners. Within two days I realized she was that rare super smart dog as well as independent and superloyal. She was just like my old girl and in 14 years I hadn't met one that even came close. So I added her to our pack. We were already calling her Pup so we went with "Party like a Pupstar" as her name. She also answers to Starnessmarie.
Well, back to our story.....We stopped at Target to get a leash, since I hadn't intended to walk with her (bad mom). Then headed to Brown County State Park. These are older pics and the leaves were nearly peak on Monday. I hiked trail number two which is two miles and 'moderate' terrain. Star had a great time, I realized I need to walk more and that carrying this extra weight is really dragging me down.
The scenes were beautiful I saw about six other humans the whole time and lots of squirrels and they just KNEW Star was on a leash so they were barking at her...making her little terrier mind nearly explode.
Part of me felt guilty for walking when I should have been packing, but I always regret not enjoying Autumn more. It was well worth my time. I still think it is funny that even at 34 people seem surprised I just might up and go hiking alone. After turning 21 overseas I forget that there are those who just never would go alone. I was not alone I had Star and I admit I called Daryl and said "if they ask you for one of those 'she went missing' specials, I was last seen walking my dog down Trail 2 in Brown County".
Where have you ventured today?

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Chai on the Fly said...

How fun! I literally laughed out loud at your call to your husband. I do that kind of thing every now and then. ;)

Let's see. . .where did I venture yesterday? To a friend's house to watch my 7-year-old learn to ride a four-wheeler! Eeeek!

(Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog about my sister. I really appreciate it. You obviously get it.) :)