Friday, October 24, 2008

Which way do I go?

So, now that we can't truly move our stuff and get in and do dirty work until Sunday I am panicking a little. I have to admit I have some serious character flaws and one of them is chronic worry. I need to work on giving it to God.
So, I have a huge 'to do' list for both the old house and the new house. Some very IMPORTANT ones are pictured below.
Put hen house here! So I can stop carrying heavy hens across the yard and moving their little 'chicken tractor' around. I am hoping this job will find a 'helper'. I can see this being something I would spend days trying to do when someone with some 'skills' could knock it out in a few hours.

Next is to take the stone behind the barn and level this little garden. This could surely wait until Spring, but I would like to get a few of these things done before the ground freezes so SPring will be the lovely 'surprise' I like it to be. I want to move some of my Daylilies, a rose bush and plant some new bulbs.

Probably TRULY first is getting out the KILZ2 paint. The previous family had a cute little girl about Duncan's age, but I don't think Duncan will appreciate her Teal wall? Well, he probably doesn't care, but mommy does NOT like it. Also, D's room is the only one with carpet and I can't have carpet in his room. I will have to pull up the carpet and remove that nasty adhered stuff below and see what is there. If it is wood I will paint it, if it is something else I will panic a little more and then fix it as I find out.
About ten seconds after I arrive at the new house I fully intend to CLEAN these Cabinets, go outside to do other stuff (see above), come back in, Kilz2 them, go upstairs kilz d's wall and so on. I really think those green cabinets are dragging that kitchen down! Get some white in there and Ta da, a cute little cottage kitchen that begs me to make some muffins for my family.

Hey, did I mention that Kilz2? I also intend to get rid of this green division between the dining room and the kitchen. I am hoping this will open the space up some more and visibly increase my space.

Oh yeah....see that Traingle of wood? That has to go under some paint, too. If you are in love with that wood I apologize profusely for doing it to you, but again, small space, no islands of bold color change for me.
So....anyone got their paintbrush packed and on their way yet?


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the great things you have planned for this house realized! That kitchen is the sweetest and it is going to look adorable when you are through. I have got a, what sounds like strange favor- would you email me at for I have a question that I don't want to ask on the comment site-I know I am keeping you in suspense!!


D'Gaye said...

If I were there I wouldn't paint walls, but I would paint cabinets. I like painting trim etc...just not open flat spaces.