Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

Duncan with a mouthful of candy (ALREADY?!)The highlight of my night was trick or treating with my son. A few years ago the anxiety he experienced about T/T was more than he could handle and we didn't even go. Last year we went to two houses of people he knew. This year he wanted to go, he went and we went to strangers homes, even. He was laughing and saying 'trickertreat' and thank you. I was thrilled with his progress. Days like this I want to thumb my nose at the doctor who said he woudln't ever talk. Pfffffffffffffffft Doc! I squeezed several days worth of life into this one single waking day. I worked a few hours, loaded up mattress, box springs and dresser. When my hubby arrived home we went to deliver those things, fed the chickens and were attacked by those 'faux' lady bugs. Then we drove home to take Superman trick or treating. We get all that done, eat some dinner and put Duncan to bed.
Jay stayed here (old house) and I went to the new house to paint. I got a coat of paint on Duncan's blue wall (that's two primer coats and a regular coat and it still says MORE), painted the stairwell wall, scrubbed the stairs with TSP (ewwwww) and sucked up two thousand "lady bugs" with the shop vac.

It feels good to get some stuff done out there and then I drank Generic soda out of my good wine glasses. Leaving the new house I walked outside, shut out the lights to see just how many stars there are in the sky. Thank you God for those lovely stars! I heard the sound of coyotes singing, crickets playing and my chicken girls clucking happily in their sleep.

Then on the drive to spend just one more night in my old house I saw two families of deer. One family (doe and two 'teenagers') stopped and stared at me as I went by. I slowed and looked at them as they looked back. So beautiful. Then I had someone tailgating me and something in my said 'do NOT slam on your brakes on this guy". Good choice, Chez, because he was a cop. I got pulled over. Officer asks for my license and registration, I ask "why am I being pulled over"? He says "your license plate lights are out" He didn't even give me a warning, I honestly think he was looking for Halloween drunks and used my plate lights as an excuse. When he saw me covered in paint specks and completely sober he decided he could do better!

So, was that an eventful day or what?

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