Monday, October 20, 2008

A long hard day!

Okay, admittedly I have had and will have worse days, yet today still had enough stress for a month of Sundays.

It started well. I got D'bear on the bus, started some laundry and called my realtor. We drove out to take a last tour of the house before we close tomorrow. I still didn't have a number nailed down for my down payment and other costs. I was running around moving money when the mortgage guy called and said the mortgage insurance company had 'changed their rules' over the weekend. We would need $2400 more!

I managed to make a very hard phone call to my aunt and get the money. Our closing has been moved to later in the day tomorrow and I am praying that we are good to go. It scares me to no end that I will have no 'cushion' when we do this. I will be a little scared until we refill that emergency fund and return the money to my aunt.

So, here is the picture out the back door of the 'new place', God will it will be mine tomorrow.



Hi Chez,
Praying that the closing will go smoothly..NO more surprizes.
Lovely view out of the back door and tomorrow it's YOURS.

Russell @ Jaci said...

Hang in there... praying with you for no more glitches! Only a few more hours...
Love ya!