Thursday, October 2, 2008

A few finds

Well, I have had some 'retail therapy' this week at Goodwill. I found several things and I just thought I would share two that I kept watching. I prayed they would stay put until they were half off. I am such a bargain hunter that I have a 'mental price' and if it is higher I won't get it.

The first time I saw this picture of Dogwood trees and Nuthatches was a few weeks ago, I fell in love, but it was marked nine dollars and I just couldn't spend it while saving for down payment money. The birds are SO cute and dogwood trees were my mom's fave and I keep my eyes out for anything that FITS my style that happens to have them.
So Monday I wandered in and Ta Da still there and HALF off. I got it for $4.50. :-D That is a good deal! I also picked up the bird that matches for 99cents.
Then I found this mantle clock for TWO DOLLARS! I have removed the back, the glass and pulled off the weird black 'fuzzies' someone glued on. I am debating how to proceed, but I know I will paint it and I have a plan for the glass. The paint (black) on the back is peeling. I have traced the opening and am going to find a way to cover it and maybe even be able to change it seasonally! :-D

I will post some of my other finds later, but tonight I am tired from long hours of dog grooming, errand running and a carb-loaded birthday dinner at my dad's home. The gravy lesson was productive, let's just see if I can do it myself in a few weeks!

Goodnight blogpals!



I am impressed with your will power. When I shop at the thrift stores I just pay those prices and don't think about or know when they have sales. Guess I need to pay attention to that and Save more money:)
Are you getting excited about moving?
Have a great weekend.The clock is sweet and so is the picture.
Deb :)

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Thanks for your comment...I haven't watched it yet because I'm on Pacific Time.

The Pink Potpourri said...

hi! i stumbled on your blog, and its great! i love shopping around and finding great deals. i can't make myself buy anything if its not a steal :)

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