Friday, October 3, 2008

FLYING again

Okay, I will just make a quick post to say Hey! I really need to spend a few moments FLYing in my house. FLYlady would say "you are not behind" but I feel like the last sled dog in a group..and he is definately behind a behind! :-/ I get STUCK sometimes. I see the house needing picked up and say "oh no can't do all of that" So I FLY I do a little at a time and it gets done. I have to accept that it is okay to NOT finish it tonight.
So I am off to pick up a few things, do a 27 fling boogie, see if I can locate the surface of my end table and swish/swipe my toilet.
Good night friends!

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I really need to get my house cleaned and picked up..the ironing is waiting and the outside needs to get ready for winter and here I sit catching up with friends:)
Who is Dave Ramsey that you mention in your proflie??
Maybe you can buy your fall decorations after you move and maybe they will be on sale and greatly reduced.!!
Happy weekend.