Monday, October 6, 2008

A bit of fall decoration and an ommission fixed

Despite wanting to pack, I want some 'seasonality' to my house since this is my favorite season. I found the cute silver mirror at Dollar Tree and the silver candle holders for a buck each at Goodwill (surprise surprise). The planter on the left I hand threw back when I took a pottery class. The one on the right I found on clearance a few years ago. They both make me smile. I put little gords, pumpkins and acorns on a tiered tray. I got the pretty crocheted tablecloth at my friend Roxanne's yard sale. (four dollars).
It is a little island I will keep decorated while I pack.
My horrendous OMMISSION was from my "Birthday Blessings" post a few days ago. My good friend Shelly and I have lunch together on Monday's and last week she paid and got me the cutest card and a couple of gifts. I completely spaced putting her gifts on the blog, because in all honesty they were still in my vehicle. The card is a 21 boot salute and with me being a horse girl, how perfect is that? Also a WW cookbook and a points calculator. I know some of you are saying "What kind of pal would get you a diet book?" Well, she is my friend because we met at Weight Watchers meetings. She is actually my leader, my Zumba instructor and first and foremost a funny and great friend.

Yesterday my friend Duda and I went out to see my new house (from the outside), went Goodwilling and to dinner together as a belated b'day celebration. She is on of my horsey friends so she especially wanted to get me 'out' after euthanizing Ruby on Tuesday. We had a great time and she bought me a set of plates at Goodwill I have been eyeballing as my "new everyday" dishes. I already had the bowls, they die like crazy around here! Oddly I got her plates for her 'early b'day gift' a few days ago! LOL
I am blessed with great friends!

Today I went to turn my horses out and saw THIS on the pond and thought I would share the 'moment' with you all! It is a Great Blue Heron, waiting for supper!

This is my 'second attempt' at a tassel and it goes with Rachel's gift from this post.

Have a wonderful night!


Jan and Tom's Place said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!! It looks like belated birthday wishes should be sent your way, too! Happy Birthday!

Pink Slippers said...

i was blessed growing up having horses in to my young adult. Right now none though. I hope to one day share the joy of them with my little ones.

Sandy Toes said...

Cute tassel! They are so much fun to make! Now with Christmas can make all kinds!
-Sandy Toes