Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A few more pics of the new cottage

It is less than two weeks until closing. I am a little worried about the craziness with the market and economy, but I have hope that people will realize WE control the market. If we all pay our bills, stop panicking and keep buying (Reasonably) we are gonna drop to 'reality' but not plunge.

So, here are some more pictures of the new place!
Here is a photo of the back of the old barn! We are clearly going to have to shore up the lean-to and remortar those blocks, but I love LOVE old buildings and this makes me smile!
Here are the light fixtures in the sunroom. What do you think of my ceiling?
Here s a photo of the horse barn fro the side of the house. All that woods behind the barn is apparantly logging property so it is not being developed AND we can ride our horses there!
Here is a photo from the living room into the hall leading to the bathroom and bedrooms. Those 'spindles' are not structural and will be coming out to 'open the space up'.

I can't believe that in two weeks I will be taking stuff over there to clean, paint and get ready to move. It is crazy!


Daryl said...

This is so exciting I ALMOST wish I was close enough to help you move! It will be so nice for you to be able to look outside and see your horses, and your new chicks.
Lucky you!



Hi Chez,
I went to Dave's sight and we are already doing some of his suggestions:)
Nice tassel..I'd like to make one one of these days...another thing to add to the "to do" list.
Nice fall decoration on your hutch.

Anonymous said...

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hi again Chez.
I tagged you...come visit me:)
Have a great weekend.