Saturday, October 4, 2008

Who is Dave Ramsey

Okay Deb opened a can of worms on you all!

I refuse to go read his bio and tell you word for word! You are all welcome to click his pic above and do just that. Dave is an auther his books include: Financial Peace and Money Makeover. He also offers a class called Financial Peace University (FPU) held at local churches, schools and other venues. He has a very upfront common sense approach and really is a great teacher. My hubby and I were able to take the course (about a year ago) and together have paid off everything but our house and a few payments from paying off Jay's car.
The basis for his whole plan is babysteps. Between his babysteps and FLYlady's babysteps it is why I named my blog as I did. All the things I have done (and will do) successfully I have done one step at a time and not at a run.
Dave has his seven steps available to you at his website (and many more tips). Also his books are available on his site as well as bookstores. Honestly, I think the best thing is FPU. There is a link to find one in your area. If you live in the U.S., in a reasonable sized "town" I can bet you find TWO classes in your area (within forty miles) starting before Christmas.
We have managed to make our (same) money go farther, change our attitudes about what we "NEED" and what we "Want" and mostly it helped get my hubby on the same page as me. He isn't as much a partner as I would like in dealing with the daily budget, and in the way Dave reccomends, but it is WAY better. His being on the same page has brought the proscribed PEACE to our homefront.
Now, lest you think this is a 'get rich quick scheme' or a 'fix it and never have a problem' solution it is NOT! We have had just as many "Oh My!" moments as we did before FPU, but we have the emergency fund, we know where money is coming from and going to...and we are TELLING our money what to do. We are making a big step nd buying this second home and the plan is to pay BOTH homes off in ten years. I am alot less panicked by this Economy issue than others are, because I am living within my means and we have no credit card debt.

In ways we 'have less' because we gave up some things (Starbucks) and pared down some others, but we have alot more calm (peace) in our home and being able to pay all the bills on time or early and not 'freaking out' is worth missing my Chai Latte from Sbux.
If you are worried about money and even if you think you are doing 'okay' check out Dave. He has pointers for everyone. I was amazed at some of the things we spend money on (insurance types come to mind) that we are taking a hit on. Also the things you might WANT to have but don't.

Check him out and let me know how it goes!


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Just stopped by to say Hi! I think I'll stop over & check out Dave. Everyone is really uneasy these days and sometimes it's good to know everything you can!!
Have a good week!!
Hugs, Sherry

Joy said...

My hubby listens to Dave all the time. We need to get better at following his advice though, especially with all the craziness in today's world.

It looks like you found some great things at Goodwill. I think painting your door with chalkboard paint would be fun. You should paint it with the magnetic paint first so you can use magnets. I kinda wish I'd thought to do that on mine.
Have a happy week!

Anonymous said...

Just came back from facilitating the Financial Peace class we are heading up for a church here and got your little hi to me on my blog. Nice right up on Dave Ramsey, and, yes I believe the FPU classes are the way to go. Reading the books do give you the principles but having others in a friendly atmosphere sharing ideas, suggestions, victories, and even the struggles is priceless. Maybe it is more have others in the same struggle that is the best as you feel you are not alone in the dept blog.

We have been dept free for several years now (we have a home in NM which we are trying to sell that has no mortgage and our home here in CO which will be paid off when NM house finally sells) and it is a great place to be!!

BTW if people are interested in a FPU CLASS they can go to dave's site and put in their zip code for classes in their area.

I hope lots of people read your blog on this and if even a few decide to go to the class wouldn't that be a blessing!!!

Love all your thrift finds!! WIll have to post some of mine one of these days!

Blessings to you



Thanks for the info on Dave and I will check it out. Just last week my friend who lives in Florida spoke about now I'll check it out.
I didn't realize this is a second house for you:) That's great.

Elise said...

I love Dave!! We went thru FPU also, and got to go to a live show-that was fun. We need to get back to it again, though.
Thank you for visiting my blog!!