Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Barter Beauty

Well, I went to a yard sale a few weeks ago. Was my friend Roxanne's house. She had this lovely table. I fell for it, but can't spend any money before we close on house, buy hay, paint and so I told her it was GORGEOUS and moved on.
It ended up not selling so she emailed me and offered to do a barter for dog grooming. I wonder if her mom's "Doodle" has as pretty legs as my NEW table?

Now I have to decide, dining room or sunroom? This is slightly bigger than our 'old' table, so I think dining room, but this is definately a SHOW OFF piece (especially when I paint it....what....WHITE...oh yeah).

Say hello to Star (trying to hog the blog?) again and say hello beautiful table, hello where we shall be serving Thankgiving supper this year.
Now just to annoy you....go up and look at the first pic and then note in the background (besides a toy) is my grandmothers drum table....have a look at those legs? Wonder why I fell for it?

Thank you Roxanne, I hope my Style for LuLu is as pretty as your nay MY table!



Hi Chez :)
Nice table and bartering is the way to go...I know it's fun to paint stuff, I just can't paint all furniture...especially older furniture..but you go girl :)
Just wanted to see what's going on before I spend 2 days inside a mall trying to sell my cards..
See you later.

Rox said...

Dear Chez,

I think this is the very first time I've ever been mentioned on a blog! (I'm too lazy to do one myself!)

As you know, I'm a Dave Nut, too. So, I love the feeling I get when I lighten up by getting rid of things I may still like but no longer need or use.

God always seems to work things out so that our needs are met when I live according to His plan.

You know that Greg X. Volz song that says "when I began to pay my tithes, He began to pay my bills"?

I made $1,380 at the sale I had a couple of weeks ago and about $250 on the sale I had last weekend. I came home on Sunday night and our septic lift station motor had burned out and the septic needed to be pumped out. The bill today? $1,567.41. God is cool that way!

I love to have garage sales, barter and sell things for other people, too. It's just fun. LOL

I do get attached to things, though. Knowing that my grandmother's table is going to a loving family that will give it a good home makes it much easier to part with. LOL

Go ahead and paint it, girl!

PS Can I come over for Thanksgiving Dinner?