Saturday, October 25, 2008

Packing is a pain

I am in the midst of packing. I hate deciding what to pack now and what to wait on. I really want to get to that new house and start working. It feels like I am spinning my wheels waiting. We are using Fossil's small trailer to fill up and move things. We took one whole load over and put it in the horse barn, but I don't want to 'move things twice' so am resisting doing that again. Ideally we will handle things the least number of times.
Unfortunately, my hubby is working all week and I am doing most of this on my own. It is tiring and thankless work. I keep reminding myself that in a week I will be LIVING in my new home. Of course, when I give myself that reminder, myself says 'oh my we have alot to do"! :-D Silly self!


jgotsnoopy said...

Patience, patience! It will all fall into place, in time!


I bet you are tired from all the moving you did today??!! Like you said, soon it will al be done and then on to decorating and making it your HOME SWEET HOME.
Take care and can't wait to see more.