Friday, October 10, 2008

Gift for my neice and Tagged

I will show you the complete finished project when I take a picture, but I have been running crazy so I keep forgetting to take it.

My neice Alexis is going to be 12 on Monday, which also means I graduated from Purdue 12 years ago in December. I call her Lexi so much I almost accidentally bought an "L" for her initial thing! :-D

I rarely see my neice as my brother and her mom are divorced. I actually stayed in Indiana after she was born because I wanted to be a role model and good auntie to her. I would call it a 'fail' except she KNOWS I am here and when she has her OWN say in the world she will seek me out. I have always treated her with respect and let her have her own spirit. I remember when we were putting the giant Clifford (big red dog) on Duncan's wall. I drew it, outlined it and asked Lexi and her brother Zack to fill in the big areas with red paint. They acted as if I was giving them keys to the vault. Their mother worried that they would mess up I finally told her I would rather have it 'imperfectly' done by them than PERFECT by some stranger. She still worried but she let it rest and let them finish despite concerns that I might have to start over. LOL It will actually hurt my heart when I do have to paint over that Clifford when we move! :-/

Well, I honestly have to admit I tried to call Lexi's mom and see what colors she was 'into' now but noone answered. My brother would be unlikely to know so I went and started with paper I liked. I found light pink paper with gray 'raining hearts' motif and went from there. I did a tassel for her in 'wilder' colors and more TWEEN style than Would normally suit me....but here they are!
I really do like the end result even though it isn't my personal style. I hope she likes it! I hope she will always know just how much I love her and that I am always here for her.
I was also tagged by Deb - Garage Sale Gal... Thank you Deb
So without more delay:
I have to tell seven things about myself you may not know
1. I have inappropriate laughter issues. When I am at a loss for what to do and I want to scream or cry, but that seems like it might be TOO much for me...I laugh. I tell jokes, I tell stories and I crack up usually UNTIL I cry.
2. I am the friend who nags! My good friends and I encourage each other. So if you say "Hey Chez, I want to remember to get my passport this year" I will ask you ALOT have you done it yet! (DARYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...have you done it yet?)
3. I am not afraid of snakes or spiders. I know that is random, but alot of people are. I do not ENJOY a snake 'showing up' when I dont' expect it, but am not afraid of them.
4. I am a SCUBA diver. I have my PADI advanced Open Water certificate and I got the second cert. IN Australia on the Gt. Barrier Reef
5. I have lived several places but MOST of my life has been within forty miles of where I was born. I think things like: "I want to live someplace near the ocean" then a Hurricane hits and I say "Oh I love Indiana"
6. I prefer to have a few GOOD friends more than a bunch of people to hang out with. People that will help you move! (hey guys...could you not live so far away?)
7. If you listened to my MP-3 player you would be SO confused. I have country, rock, pop, rap and christian music.
Since I don't know if some people want to be Tagged I will Tag Daryl (new to blogging) and if you guys want me to tag you, let me know and I will link up and add you.
So Daryl at Fair Winds consider yourself Tagged!


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

What a wonderful gift. I hope she enjoys it and knows how special she is to you.
Hey! I'm not afraid of snakes or spiders either! I've actually begged for a pet corn snake for the past 10 years, but my hubby won't give in :0(

Daryl said...

And... (to add to your list) you are a fabulous mom and a pretty terrific aunt. Did I mention you are a fabulous nag and a loyal friend?


Elise said...

Cute gifties-I am sure she will love them!!

Joy said...

Look at you becoming a tassel making queen! I'm sure your niece will love the gifts because they were made with love by her sweet auntie!
Oooo! More pics from the new cottage. I can't wait until move in day! Do you need some help packing?