Monday, September 29, 2008

My take on Joy's project

Those of you who haven't found "Joys of Home" need to find it now! That link will take you to the project I did today.

My pal Daryl has a teenaged daughter. She is 19 and she has just moved into her first apartment. When I saw Joy's project I knew I had to do one for Rachel's room. She has done her roome in hot pink, black and white. So I went and did this!
I had a hard time finding a black and white piece of scrapbook paper I loved, because I wanted it RIGHT...and I didnt' want to buy a whole book to get one piece.
Then I found all the pieces of 'wood' around here were 4 or 5 dollars, Walmart, Michaels, you name it! So I went to my neighbor Randy and he cut me a piece, rounded over the edges and then we even made it have it's OWN stand!

I hope Rachel likes it as much as I enjoyed doing it. It really didn't take any time at all. I would put on a coat of spray paint, then run an errand. I did have to mix up the 'hot pink' to get it as dark as what I had hear her color was!

I hope you like today's project!


Joy said...

I bet Rachel will love it. It looks very cute! And the stand is pretty clever. It sounds like Randy is a handy neighbor to have.
Thanks for sharing it.

Sandy Toes said...

Very cute...the stand is a GREAT idea!
-Sandy Toes