Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Treasures or trash?

So I went to GOODWILL today. For me, this is a luxury. My son has been home all summer and with his disabilities a trip to a place with 'breakables' is more stress than GOOD. On a typical day my DH gets home late enough that I am too 'toasted' to go shopping, I have to go the barn or I have other IMPORTANT places to go. Woman can not live on thrifting alone! LOL (okay we could for awhile if we had some bottled water and triscuits) Anyway, I decide to post the most questionable piece FIRST. I am pretty sure it is supposed to hold those fireplace tools. I kept picking it up and putting it down. It was marked half off (red labels today YAY) so it was $1.00. I decided if I hated it after I painted it I could throw it away for that price. I draped some 'jewels' on there so you could see what I might do with it.

Next up are two candle holders: The plane jane one I kind of liked and figured I could 'holiday' it up for future dates. It was 99cents. The Iris one I paid a bit more for....1.99. If my bedroom wasn't primarily irises I would NOT have gotten it. But I needed that Iris. I am going to remove the raffia, repaint the candle holder white and then contemplate what to do with the iris. I am tempted to faux stone the whole thing and then age it so the iris is just in relief. I will just 'see' what happens. :-D

Self explanitory item!...50cents. If I can't shine it up I shall make it festive.

A small set of chimes. Blah, but 49cents and we have a 'chime tree' (dogwood) outside my son's room and he LIVES for new chimes....He RAN them out to the tree to hang them up tonight. SO worth half a dollar!

Next up is the 'cherub' circle! I know it isn't perfect and I HATE the gold, but Cindy from Romantic home would make it gorgeous. I paid 1.50 for it. There was another cooler cherub thing, but with some damage and it wasn't marked. The girl was RUUUUUDE and said "I will give it to you for 1.99" I said it has some damage she glared at me so I didn't take it. I think I had plenty.

Sleigh print....yucko frame...not worth alot, but will be nice in my hutch during hols. 99cents

This is a ?????? old candle base? What is it? I liked it though, Picture antiqued white, shabby chic and either with a candle OR......a photo frame? Held up by ribbon? Any thoughts? Oh, yeah 49cents. I even kind of like it as is. Little shinier in person...pewteresque.

And for the final pieces I jammed them together for ease of viewing. Cherub vase: 1.99, butterfly 99cents and obnoxiously gold candle lamp $1.50

I also got a pair of doves and a cherub, which I gave to a client today. His wife passed a few years ago and he happened to tell me today that he'd been to the cemetery and the dove he had on her headstone had broken. Now picture an old man's hands as he showed me the pieces and then imagine my JOY when I found those doves (bigger but similiar) at goodwill for 99c each. I dropped them on his porch and then called and said "you have a gift". I finished my phone call with 'have a good night' as I often do, and he said "I will NOW". Awwwwwwwwwwwww I have a fondness for little old WWII era grandpa type guys, sue me!

Hope you all enjoyed shopping with me and I hope you can see the makeovers.


gotsnoopy said...

Loved your shopping trip! I have a plate set of the Currier and Ives Four Seasons, and the winter scene is by far my favorite.

I expect to see your "cleaned up" items!

Daryl said...

Kewl shopping trip! I like the CUrrier and Ives print and I think your mystery piece is a "flower frog." Designed to go on top of a vase and hold flowers up as you arrange them. It probably originally came with its own vase... be fun to see what you turn it into!


Cottagecheap said...

Thank you Snoop and Daryl.

I don't think 'she' is a flower frog I went and looked, b/c that made me think...but she has FEET. So....still a puzzle.

Joanne Kennedy said...

That part about giving the doves to the man is so sweet. Good for you for making his day.

You got some great things and there isn't anything that can of spray paint can fix up. Even when broken you can patch it up or just turn it around so no one sees it.

You seem to have a great eye for things and knowing what to do with them.


Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Yes, I see your circle of cherubs! I bought mine on Ebay already painted PINK! I don't remember the price, but I'm sure you paid less! Mine has what looks to be like the original glass votive in the middle. It has a rubber ring around the votive so it can be easily removed. I have used mine as a candle votive, on my desk holding pencils and also for paper flags. Currently it's not being used, but thanks for reminding me what a sweet treasure it is!