Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thrifataholics Anonymous?

Anyone have the number?

Honestly I feel as if I have been bitten by a bug. I am getting a 'high' from taking these 'junk' items and making them mine. I would feel guilty or like I am cluttering my home, except I have been pretty "bare bones" for a few years. My life has been busy and I have barely decorated a THING.

So today I dragged DH into Goodwill to show him a bench/sofa I had seen, but ALAS next to the sofa was THIS!

Here it is as a 'whole' It is actually even UGLIER colored than it seems here. The yellow has aged greenesque. BLUCK, but I like the shape and size. It isn't super 'pretty' in shape, but it has potential out the ears.

Here are closer pics of the 'parts'. I think I can put a little 'umph' on the upper part and I do like the curvy bits on the bottom. I think a little love, paint, new hardware and my stuff sitting on it will make me smile alot.

Price tag for this doll.... You will never guess.................. 24.99. I just think it was a STEAL. Tell me what you think Blogger-pals.

I do think see that 'she' had upper doors at some point and I will probably not bother replacing them, rather remove the hardware marks (hinges, cathches). By the way, look at the shape of the DRAWER. LOVE IT!


jamie in rose cottage said...

Wow, that was a deal! I see lots & lots of potential!!!

jgotsnoopy said...

I HATE YOU!!!! You got such a good deal!

It really is nice, Chez. I don't hate you, but I sure do envy you. And what a price!

Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Anonymous said...

Thats a really nice piece of furniture. I think I prefer it without the upper doors too. It will look so sharp if you intend on repainting it.

I can't wait to see what you decide to do with. Good for you.