Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I loathe the rural McMansion trend

I don't have any really good stuff to talk about. We didn't get the Orchard Hill House. We are looking at another now, The LHH pictured below.
We drove out to see it, we currenlty live in a 'sleeper community' for Indianpolis. This is another half an hour OUT. This area is rural and just growing a little. Most of the homes were: Old farm houses, fifty year old raches, some cute cabins, even a few 'shacks' but then like a giant pimple on the nose of the winding street were a FEW MCMANSIONS. While in their element they have their place and you can even say they are pretty, they just don't fit here on this winding country road. I just want to drive up their paved driveway, knock on their huge front doors and say "why did you move out HERE?" If the direct neighbors to the home above (isn't it cute, btw) were in a McMansion I would be a horrid person and ASSUME they would complain about my horses, my future chickens and be just horrified that I LIKE my wood trim painted white. :-D

I understand why 'city kids' want to get OUT to the country, but if you want to BE there, why do you want to bring the city with you? I guess I just don't get it.
As I said, this is NOT an UGLY home. It isn't a bad home and I understand on some level wanting MORE space MORE MORE MORE....but it just doesn't fit, snugly between a cottage/bungalow and a working farm.
The one pictured here is for sale in Carmel Indiana as I didn't snap one of the one I passed. This oen was similiar. I am sure in the upscale Carmel neighborhood on a few acres of lush grass and surrounded by similiar McMansions it is pretty and the inside pictures make me think "Wow I would love to go have a party at their house". However, when I think of places I want to spend the night or a lifetime this is JUST not it.
If you fall asleep at night with McMansion dreams, please don't hate me as it isn't personal. I just wish people could realize it isn't JUST the fresh air "out here" that makes us neighborly. It is the front porch, the cozy rooms. Honestly, more bathrooms hasn't decreased the divorce rate yet, has it?
So, tonight, fair friends I wish you a COTTAGE home far frmo McMansions and what they stand for. If you LIVE in a McMansion I wish you the style and flair to make it COZY and happy and secretly a cottage on the inside.

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Edie Marie's Attic said...

I'm with you! We live in a rural area in a small neighborhood and the HUGE McMansions have popped up all over this area. I'm shocked at how enormous some of them are, you'd need a housekeeper & gardener just to maintain it. I'd need more than being a flybaby, I'd need to be SUPERfly!
Hugs, Sherry