Saturday, August 9, 2008

A "Thrifty Vignette"

Well, here they are. Four of my finds from earlier this week plus one from a prior Goodwill visit and a gift from someone. The four items from Wednesdays post were a sum total of four dollars. Add the Iris painted bottle, a few cents worth of sea glass (Michaels clearance), a few candles and some of my jewelry and I think it is cute. I wish Ihad a way to get a better picture of it when it is lit. IF anyone has 'lighting' tips for photos I woudl appreciate it.
I did not antique the jewelry thing, I figure stuff banging it as I intend it will do so itself. The dresser needs re-distressed after I put a fresh coat of paint on it a few weeks ago. I pretty much let the dogs, myself and life do that. :-D
This is ANOTHER reminder to let go of your perfectionism and display and be proud of things even if they are works in progress.
Please be sure to read my Tribute post from yesterday and continue to pray for Jerry's family as they mourn.
Later today I will try to get pictures of the FREE old frames I got from the yard sale down the road. BTW, I have gone through a can and a half of white paint in four days time. I may need to buy stocks.



Thanks for visiting me. It's fun to meet new gals who share the same things in life. I like your "Job" title and take it that you love dogs! Me too, have you read about my Boys? I did go out today and find a couple of things and now I realy must clean the house instead of blogging..Let's visit again.

Joanne Kennedy said...

Everything looks so good together. You did a great job!


gotsnoopy said...

I love the work you've done on your treasures, Chez!

I especially love the little "boxed in" candle holder. It is gorgeous! I remember I have some doilies that my grandmother did. I have a lot of her old ones, and I'm trying to remember if they have purple pansies or irises on them. Either way, they are colors you would love. I'll put one of them into my next care package for you.

I'll continue to keep Jerry's family in my prayers, and you and Duncan too, as his extended family.