Friday, August 29, 2008

One woman's trash

Is another woman's treasure!
A few days ago I wandered into my local Goodwill (yes AGAIN) and found this frame. It was under $2.50. Either a store ditched it b/c of the missing glass/backer ont he bottom right or someone found it 'unfixable'.
Edited to add: Found the back to the old picture...was 99cents! Even better
I found the style too 'cottagesque' to pass up and so I painted it white and used some rub n buff on it. Then I couldn't think of a way to make it 'work' with a mishmash of kid pictures so I went and found some pretty rose patterns and put them in the openings.
I solved the "no backer/glass" problem by putting no glass in ANY of the openings and using the cardboard from a shoe box to back up the papers.
I also found this plainish frame at Goodwill (99c) and brought it home painted and popped this picture in. Right now it is waiting for me to find it a home and decide how I am going to 'age' it.
What do you think? Cute...happy? I like it and hope you do too.


Chai on the Fly said...

So cute!

Don't you just love Goodwill? Although I'm not one who ever finds much there, I have friends that always score BIG!


Joanne Kennedy said...

OMG! I am so drooling over those pink rose pictures! You were right. I would love love love to have those in my office.

You did a great job on the frames too!