Friday, August 8, 2008

Crazy 8

Well Joanne Kennedy, from My little cottage in the making (see links), mentioned it was 8/8/08 so she challenged us to do a Crazy 8s. Eight facts about ourselves. Since it wasn't a "chain letter" type thing I am gonna be a good girl and do it.

1. In college I spent a semester abroad in Australia.
2. I am one of a handful of Groomers with a certification called Master Pet Stylist, Meritus.
3. I get really angry at moms of 'typical' kids when they ignore them and don't appreciate how special things like being able to climb a ladder are. I know they can't imagine how hard PTs have worked with D but I still get angry.
4. To my closest pals I am "that" friend. The one you call when you need to move, need me to kick your butt, need me to tell you to stop whining.
5. I talk too much (oh wait you KNOW this already, but I am still counting it)
6. I am constantly on the go. This is part of the reason I am working on the 'cottage', in hopes that I can find cheaper ways to entertain myself....crafting doesn't use gasoline.
7. SEVEN is my favorite number. Yeah, what's new....isn't it everyone's?
8. I am a sucker for a good deal.

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Joanne Kennedy said...

I was happy to see you played along. It's fun to read little things about people that we wouldn't normally learn about in a normal blog post. So thanks!