Friday, August 8, 2008

Good morning

As my early morning eyes adjust to the sunlight and I contemplate just how much water I need to drink to make them feel like real eyeballs again I shall post another 'repurposed' Goodwill find.

I think we can all agree this is not completely heinous, but it is: Black, spray painted with eye seering blue/purple, and it is BLACK.
So I need to get new raffia (or ribbon, wire or ?) and I need to find a green I love, but I painted the frame white, used a little gray wash to make the plasti-stone a little more 'mute' and Then painted the iris white and repainted. I poured white paint in a blob, purple on one side and blue on the other and I made it look ALOT more natural. This is NOT my area of expertise and I could use alot of work on craft painting, but I am better than the spray painter that did it first! LOL Which is much like saying "I have better handwriting than that kindergartner over there."
I have put about five of my items on my dresser and need to just finish one more and I will show you them all together!
Later today I am going to attempt my first "Friday Salute" something I want to try. I am thinking of people you love, people who have changed you by their impact on your and in particular people who made you LOVE cottage style, crafting or other such topic. I had fully intended to do my "aunt" Wanda. My grandmother's best friend, who is not a legal aunt, but well....maybe next Friday. Yesterday someone I know passed away and I will probably talk about him.

For now, have a great day!

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Joanne Kennedy said...

Another great redo! Looks like you have a great painting hand there. I love it. I would go for ribbon rather then raffa. It would look more girly.