Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Painting floors!

It something I waffle about. I feel that painting my wood floors would be slightly easier than refinishing, something I could do myself and something I LOVE. I do know that for future potential buyers it may be a 'down'. However, I just don't see myself spending the money to have the poor patches, damaged boards in my son's room and a few other places replaced and refnished professionally. I figure this would cost me in the THOUSANDS. The main reason is that at some point there were 'patches' in a few obvoius places. So there are three or four boards that have matching seams. In order to TRULY be fixed those whole sections have to come up and be 'restaggered'. I figure if I paint it, I can pull a few 'cheats'. I am planning to use wood putty and some ingenuity and get ride of the seams if they are to be covered in paint. Also a whole peice in D's room needs to be replaced, but I can do the same in there.
Honestly if I didn't LOVE the way painted floors look I would not do it. I would just man up and do the 'hard' stuff. I do LOVE it, though.
I don't adore the stripes and I am not brave enough to do that BLUE above, but boy do I SMILE when I see these floors and that is the point. BOTH photos have links to their original sites.


Joanne Kennedy said...

I'm with you, I love painted floors but have always been to scared to do them. I guess if your floors need to be refinished you could go ahead and paint them and if you don't like it then strip it all off. Lots of work but worth a try.


gotsnoopy said...

I did them in a back bedroom in my old rental house. I loved it. I did them in a Colonial Blue (popular 23 years ago). That room was eventually turned into a bathroom, but for the time it was a bedroom, about 10 years that I was there, it was, like you said, a much easier way to pretty up a room and not spend too much blood, sweat and tears!

I can hardly wait for pics!

Kari said...

I love painted floors too! We actually just got the last coat put on our porch floor. Well, it's not hardwood. We just ripped up the carpet that was out there, and there's just a plywood subfloor that we painted. I know, it sounds tacky. It actually didn't turn out bad though. It's a cheap temporary fix until we can afford a *real* floor. I'll be posting before and afters in the next few weeks, I'm sure. :)