Friday, August 22, 2008

One Obsession

I was good at my "Power of One" thing today. I had a few moments where I was allowing things to wash over me and make me worry. I just stopped and did ONE thing at a time and was happy with the results. We had a lovely meatball sub dinner, with fresh fruit and I have goodies to make some Tilapia for dinner tomorrow night. YAY!
So we are going to see the Potential new cottage. The road name is abbreviated O.H. so we have been calling it the you will know what i mean until we know if it will be OURS then we shall give it a name.
So my singular obssession is all the cool things I can picture with this home.
Here is just ONE of the many gardens on the property. Yes OVERGROWN, but still some lovely plantings...and behind that picket fence.....a walkout basement....with a whole other garden. I can just see myself sipping tea out there. (as if I have time, but the idea is nice)

This is a family room picture. Much of the house has this OOKY dark panelling. I think a few gallons of white paint (over Kilz2) will make a NICE change. Honestly, I keep hearing from "non cottage" pals that they would replace it, but I think painted panels will be better than new drywall any day. Contemplating a faux chair rail and spackling "grooves" above and not below.

This is the kitchen portion of the big country kitchen. This is standing IN the dining portion and looking in. I do NOT love the paneling in here, I do not love the wood cabinets, but since it is healthy, clean and safe this room may live like that for SOME time.

It may seem that I have moved into this house emotionally and I do like it alot. However I just like seeing "potential". If money were no object I would enjoy "flipping" houses like this.
What it comes down to is that now we KNOW we are able to get a 'country' house and this may be it and it may NOT....but either way I better get my paint rollers ready.
I have a few more pics, but I really don't want to JINX it. I want to see it with my friend, her contractor hubby and my family and see what we think. Then we shall make an offer and PRAY.
In the meantime I will resist driving out there and pulling weeds.


Becky said...

I can see the cottage potential in this home and a beautiful area for tea. I like what I read about buying only what you can afford.
Debt free is the only way to go. It may take me some time but that is what I am shooting for too.
Thank you for your warm welcome to FFFF.

gotsnoopy said...

I have painted panels in this house, they are done with that "sponge" technique. It's pretty, but I wish the former owners hadn't done it in every room! Still, it's not offending at all, and in colors I like (a very pretty sage green dining room, a taupe color in the living room, master bedroom, and hallway, and an almost bright blue in the little bedroom). In my old house, I had painted the ugly dark paneling, and loved it.

I like the two pics of the house Chez, and I'll sure be in prayer that this house passes muster with your contractor friend and your two guys too! I'll be looking forward to that update!