Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Taking Shape

I mentioned getting some table lamps at Michaels a week ago. I can't remember which one was which price, but I know BOTH together were under $5. I loved their shape, hated their colors. I nearly refuse to buy lamps at full price, I am proud to be a bargain shopper. A few weeks ago I would have passed THESE up, because I just didn't think I had 'time' to make them look like I wanted...more perfectionism. Thanks to all the blogs I found I am feeling much braver and despite the fact that some of those blogs are classic perfectionists, I saw in it a chance to have things I love without breaking the bank or spending AGES making things 'perfect'.
So here are the lamps after. I actually feel they took the rub n buff TOO well and that I wanted to redo them, but my hubby said they look great and I sat them down and walked away and I kind of like them. So, for now, I will enjoy them and if I feel compelled redo them later. As for teh shades, I am trying to fix the old ones, but I got these plain jane ones at Goodwill (99 cents/ea). These are the kind that clip on the lights (which aren't in there :D) I considered just putting some fringe/lace on these and stenciling on a few roses.....decisions decisions.
The other little 'guy' in the photo is: A silver basket. I found it at Goodwill. It is probably Silver plate and I have no clue what it is worth, but I only spent 49cents on it. YES, I said FORTY NINE! I polished it a 'little' just to see, but it needs a bit more. What do you think?
Everyone have a marvelous day!

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gotsnoopy said...

Sure hate the original, but love both the new! I'm sending you some of mine to do.....