Monday, August 4, 2008

Having a Go at Blogging

Well, this may be akin to a monkey with a paint roller: A disaster! However, I have been SO inspired by a few blogs I have been reading. Some very realistic and some where what they call 'on the cheap' is more than I can see myself spending to remodel right now.

I purchased our house in 2001 and more than half the reason was the little 'garage' behind which is now my grooming salon. Other reasons I liked the house were: Great trees, corner lot, stone fascia, white cabinets in kitchen and three bedrooms.

There are lots of things I knew I wouldn't love about the house, but I didn't know seven years later I would still be staring at some (manY) of them. Firstly, the house had nearly white carpet. I am the mother of a disabled son (then 3), have dogs (I rescue, so the number varies), groom for a living and generally LIVE in my home. The carpet lasted almost a year before it was intolerable. Then we pulled it up (being generous here...basically we means ME, one strip at a time) and found wood floors...that had been less than loved in most of the house. I have managed to get most of the BIG blobs of paint off and it looks better for the effort, but they need to be either refinished or repainted, more on that later. Then there was the fact that when they added on they have THREE doorways in my kitchen....ARG! The 'master bedroom' was once a living room and they did some horrid 'pocket door fix' which I tore out. Where the front door once was there is a lovely piece of "wood". There were ugly box shrubs out front and a lean too shed on our porch (YUCK AGAIN).

There are lots of things I would replace and redo in a major way if I intended to live here FOREVER. I am in my early thirties and am a horse-owner. We board the horses, but the goal is to have them HOME sometime soon. So this will mean buying land and a new home. So I save any 'big renovations' for THAT home and for when I can be one of those people who say "It was only $100 for this" . For now, I am a ten dollar, curbside, dumpster diving, goodwill shopping decorator!

I will post more later, I fear you have all passed out now from my rambling. very unappealing 'face' of my house the "old door" is an eyesore and I have to decide whether or not to put a door, a fake door or cover it so much with flowers you can't see it. Either way this is a BIGGER future project that will require some help from my hubby.
Phot0 of one of my surprise lilies today!


Joanne Kennedy said...

Welcome to blogland! You are going to love it here.

I don't think it matters where you live. If you rent or own it is still your HOME.

Have you been to Cindy's blog at Romantic Home? She rents and I have to say she has one of the prettiest homes I've seen. She did it all on a tiny budget and with thrift store finds, dumpster finds and flea market finds. So it can be done.

I'm trying to do it myself. It takes longer then going out and buying everything full price but its more fun and more exciting to see how it can be done on a budget.


Cottagecheap said...

Thanks Joanne! Actually right now Cindy is my hero! I had been perusing and found her and it took me three days but I started at her FIRST archive and worked back up to today.

I hope to hear more from you and about you!