Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The 'babysteps' name

Good morning! I decided to take a second to explain the real reason behind 'baby steps' in my blog name. It is obvious, to me, that even someone who we consider 'quick' or 'good' or 'talented' has to do thing one step at a time and they were not born doing it. The name is first and foremost to remind ME that even though picturing something in my head and dreaming about it doesn't' mean I will wake up to a 'Ty Pennington has been in my home' moment. So it is a reminder to me that each step is to be savored as much as the final result,

The PRIMARY reason is simply:
http://www.flylady.net/ Do you ever feel like your dreams are just too much. Have you ever looked at your kitchen and said "I will have to do this tomorrow because I just can't get it RIGHT tonight?" If so you might be a perfectionist. (for my sake I need you all picturing Jeff Foxworthy right now-LOL) Have you have ever spent four hours organizing that hall closet when a dustbunny the size of Godzilla was loose in your living room? If so you might be a perfectionist.

I used to think I was a FAILURE. When it came to "Oh no grandma is coming over" cleaning I the the QUEEN. I could stash and dash with best of them. I would be happy happy with my clean home for two days. I would LOVE all my collectibles a week after I dusted them/washed them and realigned them, but THEN I would let "I can't do it perfect" overwhelm me and let it creep back up. I didn't KNOW I was a perfectionist I thought I was a failure. Flylady saved my LIFE! She reminded me that it is okay to spend 15 minutes on a project that will take two days, b/c fifteen is all you have right now. If you are the person who NEVER struggles to keep your home, who always does the dishes before bed, who has your throw pillows just so EVERY day, you can just skip FLYLADY it will not make sense to you. However, if what I said up there makes you say "Oh that sounds like me" Have a look at it.

In the spirit of FLYLADY I post this:

This is the top of my great grandmothers china cabinet.

My inner perfectionist is saying: Do not post that. Your plant is OVERGROWN, you need to get that appraisal and see if it is okay to refinish said hutch. Then in a more panicked voice she is saying. That painting you did to be SILLY, why on earth is it UP there? It makes YOU smile, but other people are going to think you DRINK. She also would tell you I needed to put ONE more white thing to the left of the overgrown plant inside the teapot.

So, what my inner FLYbaby says, besides shut up Perfectionist is: You had fun making that abstrat, that cracked teapot was your mom's and you adore it, the plant was from grandma Russell's funeral and who has time to walk the dog and retake this picture?

So, in the SPIRIT of my blog, the THEME and what I want to convey all along I say "be proud of even your wild attempts", only buy/keep/display things you love because you won't resent dusting them and have fun with your house today!

Here is a little day lily that made me smile in all it's beauty, today.

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gotsnoopy said...

Good explanation, from a fellow Flybaby!

Love the China Cabinet. Artwork and all!