Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Cottage for us soon?

Today I found out that we are much closer (as a family) to getting our 'farm'. As a 'horsemom' my dream is always to do dishes and watch my horses graze from the window. Today I called my mortgage guy, Steve. We talk about every six months waiting for our credit score, our savings and the moon to align. Seems we are MUCH closer now than we were six months ago. It takes time for them to believe a 'self employed' person is viable.

I went with my realtor to look at one place I really liked online. I adore it. I can see TOTAL cottage potential. Front porch gardens (existing) and trees galore. I am trying not to get attatched because there is much to do/think/plan, but alas I am excited anyway.
So, I get a little excited and I start planning on how to make our current home ready to rent when the time comes. So.....everyone get excited with me?

And here (quickly) is a thing I found at the "Stuff Store" and repainted, had ugly chipped plasti-silver. May do it different later, but am picturing it at Christmas.


Joanne Kennedy said...

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you get your new place soon. Sounds like it's going to perfect when you finally do move in.


gotsnoopy said...

Well, I'm excited for you! I'll be keeping fingers, eyes and legs crossed. And waiting to see how it goes.

BTW, I love the frogette!