Monday, August 18, 2008

The hotel experience

Just some thoughts on WHY we love vacation or even business trips. I figure if we capture little bits of that feeling we can bring it home!

We stayed at the Westin North Shore in Chicago, you can click the pic above to see more pics. It was such a nice place.

I decided to account for what it is we LOVED about a stay away from home:
Lack of responsibility
maids (same thing?)
tidy areas
fresh towels
clean sheets
MORE fresh towels
lovely lotions
great showerhead

Cleary, a maid is NOT in my near future, and I have a LOT of responsibility at home. I CAN get a nice lovely showerhead (maybe not the lovely two headed one they had but a nicer one), I can go buy NEW towels and hide them from my husband, new sheets and focus on that clutter I tend to generate.

The nice thing is you can have this at home, PLUS not have that horrid dark wood stained mirror that doesn't fit your shabby cottage soul. :-D


gotsnoopy said...

And I thought I was the only one that loved hotels for the reasons you listed.

Another reason? Room service, when you're too tired, or too lazy to go out for a meal. Or even if you just want to feel pampered.

When I went to the Beagle National Specialty last year, I had the great fortune to meet with some friends from California. Though I had a private room and they shared a room, we all decided to stay at the hotel and have room service two nights, and ordered pizza one night. We enjoyed catching up on each other's lives, and didn't have to dress to go out. And the food at the hotel was scrumptious!

Anonymous said...

Oh, great post and all so true!! Yes, the maid isn't in my future either... And boy, could we use a new shower head! I doubt we'll ever get one, but I think the big, oversized ones are so neat!...Donna