Monday, November 24, 2008

Who went with you this time?

You may remember my post about my 'brave' solo hike in the woods a while ago. Yesterday I did not go alone. I went with my horse "Chai on the Fly". We rode a little over a mile down the road to the neighbors and then had fun on their trails. I love the sound of her hooves in the fallen leaves.

As I rode home up the road, the sun was dipping below the tree lined ridge and I just wish I had taken my camera. I do think we probably would have lost it during one of our gallops through the trails, though.

It was my first real ride since moving and felt great.

I will get a picture of Chai and post it here.

As an aside: I named her "chai" b/c I gave up the drink Chai in order to pay her bills and then I added tne "on the fly" from the I asked her permission and she was happy to say yes! I was thrilled she needed a 'big girl name'.


gotsnoopy said...

I love the "chai on the fly" site, and the music is glorious!

I'm glad you had a great ride, and enjoyed the quiet of fall!

Anonymous said...

So glad you were able to take a ride with Chai! There is nothing like a good ride!

blessings mary